Dressmaking project on the go: fit and flare lace gown

It’s been a while since I had sewn anything for myself. After sewing 9 projects for our DIY wedding (you can see all the projects we did ourselves for our 2015 wedding here) and after that, it seemed my friends were all due to have their babies at the same time last year. I was so excited about my friends expecting babies that I was consumed with making handmade toys and clothes for them that sewing for myself was put to one side.

Since becoming vegan, I don’t feel the need to sew quite so much anymore. I’m only the one person and since the OH and I don’t go to formal events that require us to be dressed up much. Added to the fact that I’m trying to clear out all the excess clothing I don’t seem to wear much, I try not to sew too much that I’m not going to get a chance to wear.

Seeing a pattern that calls to you, with a shape that you know will suit you and gives you ideas on what to make, really gets those creative juices flowing. Recently seeing one on Instagram did just that.

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You’re so in Vogue: a dressmaking project for MyFabrics.co.uk

One of the great things I like most about dressmaking is: you don’t fit the clothes, you make the clothes to fit you. Can’t find a style to suit you? Alter it! Can’t find a style in shops that compliment your figure? Make your own! Like vintage styles but don’t want to look dated? Update the style!

When you get into the habit of making your own clothes, you want to put your own stamp on things and sometimes, store bought items no longer appeal to you quite as much. A couple months ago, I passed by the BHS window display. There on the mannequin was a beautiful mint green tea dress with a funnel neck collar that I quite fancied.

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