Vegan sushi dinner! Make your own nak’d sushi bowl for dinner

The fun of cooking your own meals at home is experimenting with recipes. I’ve been searching for vegan recipes to cook meals for the OH and I since I feel a bit out of my depth with cooking vegan meals. Just to clarify, I’ve signed up to Veganuary to eat vegan for a month (I’m now on my 16th day!), but the OH is still an omnivore (he unfortunately doesn’t believe in supporting veganism). He is however being the ever supportive husband in that he’ll eat vegan when we’re cooking together at home, but I don’t have a problem with him eating meat and animal products (like cheese and dairy) when we’re eating out or when he’s cooking/eating himself.

One of the recipes I found was on the Veganuary website here for a nak’d sushi bowl. I’ve always had sashimi (raw fish) with my sushi, so I was excited to be able to prepare a sushi type dish for a vegan meal at home!

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Vegging out at Henderson’s

In a city where the majority of the population are meat eaters, when you’re on a restricted diet or have particular food requirements (ie vegetarian or vegan, for religious or personal reasons), finding a good vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh can sometimes be difficult. The OH, his mum and I were recently at Henderson’s on Hanover Street. It boasts of a menu with entirely wholesome organic or natural ingredients in all their dishes and beverages.

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