Tutorial: Faux fur throw

A while back, I promised that I was going to post a tutorial on how to make a cosy faux fur throw after seeing the one in the Avon catalogue. I had bought my material some weeks before, but it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks for me with wedding organising to sort as well as other social commitments in addition to my classes, so I finally got started on it this week. I know that Suzannah over at Adventures in Dressmaking has already posted her own tutorial on making a faux fur throw, but I promised I would post one of my own and because there are some variations, here we go.

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Getting prepared for a furry Christmas!

You can’t deny that with only 43 days left till Christmas, all the big supermarkets and shops are stocking up on Christmas goodies. We don’t have a Christmas tree at home because of the two furry menaces who like anything that moves, glitters or shines. But just like anyone who has a pet or child to dress up in time for the festivities, I happened to come across some funny (and cute!) outfits fitting for them to wear this year!

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A different purpose for faux fur – throws!

On the back of my recent post on faux fur snoods, I can’t forget how warm it keeps you in this cold weather. I know it’s November, but I do know that the Mercury in places like Naples, Italy is still sitting at a cosy 21°C, it’s 1°C here in Edinburgh and this morning apparently, it got so foggy (that’s the Scottish ‘haar’ – not the Dutch one which means ‘hair’ – or fog coming from the sea) that you couldn’t see past the end of the street! I like to keep myself nice and warm and although we’ve got double-glazed windows in the kitchen and in my room, it’s nice sometimes to cuddle up under a nice, soft and warm blanket when you’re watching TV.

With that thought in mind, can you imagine how my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw this lovely faux fur throw in the Avon catalogue?

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