Wedding wardrobe complete: from start to finish!

My 3 dresses for the wedding: the Chinese wedding dress, the white wedding dress, and the evening reception dress

The Maid of Honour (left) and Bridesmaid dresses

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Wedding DIY project: tartan stole

I’ve been on a wee bitty of a holiday which I couldn’t say no to. After all, the last holiday I took from work was 3 days back in February, so the last couple of weeks (plus a few more next week) feels well deserved. My best friend has come for a visit to see Scotland the last couple weeks and it has been a lot of fun travelling and sightseeing like a local, while also seeing the must see points of interest.

I promised that I was going to post a tutorial once I made a stole out of the tartan fabric I bought from the Scotland Shop. I already bought tartan shoe clips for my shoes, but felt a stole would also be a nice complementary piece to my dresses.

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A touch of Scots to our Chinese-Scottish fusion wedding

Now that I’ve got more free time at the end of a work day, I’ve been working hard at getting the final details organised for our big day in September. Bridezilla has gone in hiding (for the moment) and the excited bride with the needle and thread has come out to play! A friend recently sent me the link to an article on Scottish wedding ideas and my ears perked up with interest.

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New dressmaking projects: knit jersey dresses

The year 2014 is coming to an end soon and the plan was to try and make at least another dress before then. Once the new year starts, all my dressmaking focus will be on making my wedding dresses and the bridesmaid dresses. I haven’t visited any of my usual fabric haunts recently, only because I haven’t really felt any inspiration to make any new dresses. I was browsing on Etsy during my break at work one day and came across a couple of sellers who had knit jersey fabric that caught my eye.

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