Healthy breakfast alternative: mixed berry and oats smoothie recipe

I’m not a morning person at all. I try and get up as late as possible in the mornings, and even then I take as little time as possible getting ready before walking out the door, so I don’t bother with any morning tasks (like straightening my hair or doing my make up) that take time and aren’t as essential. For this reason, I’ve never been much of a breakfast person. I’ve found that I can’t work out in the evenings (around 6) if I’ve had a late lunch, say about 2 or 3pm.

I realise the importance of breakfast now (see here) as it’s the first meal of the day and it gives me energy to function at work until lunch time. I usually have my breakfast at my desk at work, but the problem is when I’m still eating and my work phone rings. With the weather getting warmer now in Edinburgh, I’ve been in the mood to make something more refreshing for breakfast and thought about making banana-free milk-free smoothies because of my fruit and lactose intolerance. I came across a recipe from the blog Sweet Hersey Living which fit the bill. I was able to turn this smoothie into a vegan-friendly, lactose/dairy-free recipe which I am very pleased to share with you!

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Out and about with my summer midi skirt

Last week, the OH and I decided to meet up with some friends to watch a film in the Edinburgh Film Festival. We had perused the programme quite a few times (believe you me, it’s not an easy task when there are usually about 5 films – or thereabouts – being shown daily between 18th and 29th June at various cinemas in the city) and had decided on a few films, but due to timings and other commitments, we weren’t able to see some of the others we were interested in. We did manage however to see A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide and I thought with the weather being somewhat more summer like, it was a good opportunity to take my summer pink midi skirt out for a spin.

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Updates on dressmaking projects: old and new

Having projects waiting in the wings is always exciting, but so is finally finishing old ones that have been on the sidelines for a while! I was having a bit of sewing block for a while and with work being busy, I lacked the motivation to go fabric hunting to start new projects.

First thing I needed to do was finish my summer pink marbled midi skirt, using the same method I used for the knit jersey midi skirt I finished earlier this year. After much procrastination, I was pleased with myself when I managed to finish it this weekend in just 4 hours.

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