The Craft Scotland Summer Show 2017 is here!

If you’re like me and like to support local businesses and like unique pieces of jewellery and crafts, hearing the story behind the designs and how the makers created the piece, you’re in the right place. The Craft Scotland Summer Show is back for the 70th Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Designed as a calming escape from the hustle and bustle of the Edinburgh Festival, 33 of Scotland’s most talented makers and designers have been given the opportunity to contribute to the Craft Scotland Summer Show. Continue reading “The Craft Scotland Summer Show 2017 is here!”

Discovering local Scottish craft talent: Craft Scotland Summer Show 2016

Running for its fourth year, Craft Scotland Summer Show has set up shop right in the centre of town so visitors and Edinburgh residents alike can sample the beautiful crafts made by Scotland’s finest talents. Featuring 31 makers’ crafts, visitors can browse beautiful paper homeware, sterling silver jewellery with other unique materials (like elastic or bone), textiles and more.

I’ve attended one of their Meet Your Maker events a couple years ago at Dovecot Studios and I enjoyed it very much. Craft Scotland invited several Edinburgh bloggers and myself to preview the handmade crafts from each designer where we were also got stuck into creating our own craft projects.

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Our DIY wedding in photos!

A big thank you to everyone who’s helped make our wedding such a special day, especialy all the family and friends who came from all over the world.If anyone wanted to read about the projects that we were involved in for our wedding, you can click on my blog posts below for more information:

Disclaimer: All photos used in this post have either been taken by myself, family and friends, or our friend Asim of Fuzed Bulb who was our wedding photographer and should not be used anywhere else without prior permission.

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Get inspired with creativity: the West End Craft Fair at St John’s Churchyard

Every year, the Fringe Festival is one of Edinburgh’s biggest events, the other main one being Hogmanay (Scottish New Year’s Eve celebrations). Without fail, there’s always a West End Craft Fair at St John’s Churchyard on the West End of Princes Street during the Fringe. Apart from the one show I’ve seen so far in the Fringe, I haven’t really had a chance tolook at the programme to see what other shows would be interesting. I seem to always manage to miss the Craft Fair though, so I decided to drop by last week and I was most definitely glad I went.

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‘Handmade by Machines’ at The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, is a visitor centre, exhibition space and events venue situated in the heart of Glasgow, just off the Style Mile. The Lighthouse acts as a beacon for the creative industries in Scotland and promotes design and architecture through a vibrant programme of exhibitions and events.

About Us, The Lighthouse

I first came across the exhibition, Handmade by Machines, when I received my newsletter from Eventbrite Edinburgh. A symposium was held on Thursday 19th June at The Lighthouse in Glasgow to introduce how technology is used with traditional jewellery making techniques in contemporary jewellery design. The exhibition at the Long Gallery on the 5th floor was then open to the public from 20th June to 13th July. Continue reading “‘Handmade by Machines’ at The Lighthouse”

My finished ring project

My completed labradorite ring in a rub over setting

I’ve experienced frustration with a simple project not going as planned and I know I should heed my own advice: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sometimes you experience draw backs to your projects, but when the etched filigree cuff went so well, I think I started gaining such confidence in my own abilities that I thought the ring with my set labradorite project would go just as smoothly. I have to remind myself that soldering is a tricky job, especially when you’re heating 3 separate joins before you even join the ring and setting together. Continue reading “My finished ring project”

New Year’s Resolutions: recap 3 months into 2014

I decided this year that I was going to set myself goals that I felt were achievable as my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them were going to require hard work and determination, but I know that in the end, it would benefit me, body and mind. So just a recap to see how I’m doing so far. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions: recap 3 months into 2014”

Slowly, but surely: my labradorite ring

It was only a week ago that I started on my ring having been shown how to make a rub over stone setting. I thought once the bezel setting was done, everything else would fall into place. If only it were that easy!

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My first attempt at the rub over stone setting

I thought that although it was a new experience for me,t hat I would get the bezel or rub over stone setting part of class done with, easy peasy, in half a class, get the ring shank soldered and everything put together in one class. Not likely! I am more than aware from my various dressmaking projects that you get quicker with experience, but making sure your setting fits your stone perfectly and that your base is big enough does take some fiddling about with. Not only fiddling, but constantly checking (like you do with sewing and dressmaking) that it fits right.

The piece of metal I got for the base part of my bezel setting was 0.5mm thick and the measurements for width and length were according to the measurements of the oval labradorite gemstone that I was keen on setting, but what I didn’t realise was instead of having the setting go around the outside of the base, it needs to sit on top of your base piece. My base piece was therefore too small, so I ended up having to use a bit of the instructor’s and measuring it as closely as possible so as not to waste any precious silver.

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Progress on the silver projects

Ever since I got my tool and soldering kits for Christmas, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to bring home unfinished projects from class to work on at home. I’ve still got a few bits and pieces here and there that I need to get (like the soldering block and doing more researching on how I can set up my own pickle and etching tanks) before I can really fully do everything I want in the comfort of my own home.

I was still working on various projects and was at different stages with each: the ring and charms I managed to get etched and oxidised, but I still needed to get them polished. I had etched the pendants for the matching friendship/family necklace set, but I had to clean them and I still need to get them through the oxidising process.

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