Makers and Friends workshop: saying it in wire

I’ve been told a lot by friends and family how impressed they are that I make my own garments (see here) or made my own jewellery (here). I’ve mentioned to various interested individuals that it’s a skill that’s easily picked up once you know the basics, but I still get quite a few disbelieving looks. Luckily, I was recently contacted by Makers & Friends about attending a wire workshop that shows you just how simple some jewellery and craft projects can be. Continue reading “Makers and Friends workshop: saying it in wire”

How I wear: my faux fur snood and Maison Miru statement necklace

With the drop in temperature (it was raining heavily with gale-force winds and some light snow on Friday, then it hit -1°C Saturday morning at 9:40am) here in Scotland, it’s time to bulk up on the layers not to catch a cold or lose any digits or limbs! It doesn’t mean that you need to stop dressing up just because it’s cold and with my new pieces from Maison Miru and my trusty faux fur snood, I was able to do just that.

Image Hosted by Continue reading “How I wear: my faux fur snood and Maison Miru statement necklace”