Get inspired with creativity: the West End Craft Fair at St John’s Churchyard

Every year, the Fringe Festival is one of Edinburgh’s biggest events, the other main one being Hogmanay (Scottish New Year’s Eve celebrations). Without fail, there’s always a West End Craft Fair at St John’s Churchyard on the West End of Princes Street during the Fringe. Apart from the one show I’ve seen so far in the Fringe, I haven’t really had a chance tolook at the programme to see what other shows would be interesting. I seem to always manage to miss the Craft Fair though, so I decided to drop by last week and I was most definitely glad I went.

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How I wear: my faux fur snood and Maison Miru statement necklace

With the drop in temperature (it was raining heavily with gale-force winds and some light snow on Friday, then it hit -1°C Saturday morning at 9:40am) here in Scotland, it’s time to bulk up on the layers not to catch a cold or lose any digits or limbs! It doesn’t mean that you need to stop dressing up just because it’s cold and with my new pieces from Maison Miru and my trusty faux fur snood, I was able to do just that.

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Tutorial: Faux fur throw

A while back, I promised that I was going to post a tutorial on how to make a cosy faux fur throw after seeing the one in the Avon catalogue. I had bought my material some weeks before, but it’s been a pretty hectic few weeks for me with wedding organising to sort as well as other social commitments in addition to my classes, so I finally got started on it this week. I know that Suzannah over at Adventures in Dressmaking has already posted her own tutorial on making a faux fur throw, but I promised I would post one of my own and because there are some variations, here we go.

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DIY tutorial: faux fur snoods

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Source: Paris Insider’s Guide

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Updates on the new projects

Remember the fabric I got from the fabric store not that long ago to make PJ trousers with?

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Material for PJ trousers, including matching his and hers sheep ones!

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DIY Tutorial: How to make button holes

Haven’t started any new projects lately, especially with all the existing projects on the back burner I had yet to start. Since I had a day off today, I decided to make some progress on these.

I had bought faux shearling coats for my two bengal kitties about a year ago from Pets At Home which looks something similar to this:

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New year, new opportunities

I’m normally not a big fan of new year resolutions, but I feel with how I ended the year 2012 (started body combat and DIY in craft and dressmaking projects), it’s time to try and shake up my comfort zone.

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