My finished Syrah skirt from Selvage Designs

The fabric I ordered to make the jersey maxi skirt from the Perfect Pattern Parcel #6 digital download package arrived while I was still on holiday and I couldn’t be more excited! The only thing was, trying to get motivated to start assembling the pattern together when there was so much I was trying to get done during my days off was more difficult.

I decided one night that I was going to sit down and get it done and I did. Now it’s ready for show, but before I reveal the end project, here’s a preview of other sewers’ #syrahskirt projects!

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Supporting independent pattern designers with Perfect Pattern Parcel

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Source: Perfect Pattern Parcel

As someone who believes in supporting local businesses and independent retailers/designers, I try and buy most of my goods from Etsy. For my dressmaking pattern needs, I’ve only come across vintage or modern patterns by the usual pattern companies, but little did I know until I stumbled across Perfect Pattern Parcel that you could also purchase patterns from independent designers too! Continue reading “Supporting independent pattern designers with Perfect Pattern Parcel”