Can you think of 75 things you love about your significant other?

Saw this post by fellow blogger, By Lauren Hayley and I loved the idea of doing a jar of positive thoughts for your other half.

A simple, yet perfect, DIY gift for your significant other to tell them: there really are 75 things I love about you.

75 things I love about you, By Lauren Hayley blog

My first Resolution done: the Positivity Jar

In my previous post, I had set myself some New Year’s Resolutions which I felt were realistic for me possible to achieve. I’ve already started classes again last Saturday and now my routine of 2 classes a week this week and am proud to say that my muscles aren’t as sore as I thought they would be from 2.5 weeks of non-activity and only managing to accomplish one class while I was in Hong Kong for Christmas. I have now crossed off a second resolution from my list: starting my Positivity Jar.

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