Vegan sweet tooth: chocolate peanut butter pinwheel recipe

A common misconception about being vegan is that we only eat vegetables. You would be wrong if you thought that. Being vegan doesn’t mean eating unappetising salads and raw vegetables all the time. Once I started looking into what it means to be vegan and if you search #whatveganseat you’ll find there are a lot of amazing food that we do eat!

You do eat healthier because you’re eating a lot more plant based products and less processed foods, but as I mentioned in my first post about Veganuary (see here), there are also a lot of sweet stuff we can eat as well, like ice cream! The other thing I’ve also come to learn is how easy it is to substitute non-vegan ingredients in recipes for vegan substitutes. This is exactly what I’ve done with a recipe from The Recipe Rebel here for chocolate peanut butter pinwheels.

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DIY peanut butter…the healthy way!

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to follow a healthier lifestyle and eating better. In the last year or so, I noticed that I started developing various allergies and intolerances to food. To give my body a rest from the strain of rejecting particular foods, I decided I need to aim at eating better by introducing some form of clean eating.

I came across an article from Skinny Ms with simple recipes for 50 clean eating snacks/. I wasn’t sure whether there would be anything to entice me, normally ‘healthy snacks’ involve veg that I’ve got no interest in, but to my surprise there were quite a few snacks that I was eager to make at home. First on the agenda: DIY peanut butter.

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