Our DIY wedding in photos!

A big thank you to everyone who’s helped make our wedding such a special day, especialy all the family and friends who came from all over the world.If anyone wanted to read about the projects that we were involved in for our wedding, you can click on my blog posts below for more information:

Disclaimer: All photos used in this post have either been taken by myself, family and friends, or our friend Asim of Fuzed Bulb who was our wedding photographer and should not be used anywhere else without prior permission.

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Goodbye, Miss T; Hello, Mrs C!

It’s official: I’m now the new (and third!) Mrs C!
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New Year’s Resolutions: recap 3 months into 2014

I decided this year that I was going to set myself goals that I felt were achievable as my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them were going to require hard work and determination, but I know that in the end, it would benefit me, body and mind. So just a recap to see how I’m doing so far. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions: recap 3 months into 2014”

My jewellery works in progress

The fun part about the jewellery making classes, are that as a returning learner, you get to work on whatever project you like. I’ve been trying to get inspiration for my own designs and so far with only etching, soldering and shaping metal under my belt, there’s only so many designs I can get etched onto my pieces that I’d be proud to give away as gifts or to sell to interested parties. So far, while waiting to start the stone setting class in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ve been adding more pieces to my sterling silver filigree lily collection.

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Bringing in Chinese New Year with origami lilies

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Happy Chinese New Year and Kung Hei Fat Choi to all my friends and fellow bloggers who celebrate this occasion! May the Year of the Horse bring everyone prosperity, good health and happiness around the world! I apologise for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been really busy at work and this weekend has been busy for me, trying to finish off the origami lilies and getting ready for CNY.

In my family, it’s customary to have water lilies, narcissus and peonies in the house, but because it’s not as easy to get these flowers from your local supermarket and having to worry about whether or not they’re cat-safe, I decdied to use the origami lilies I was working on with Heather at Yankee Doodle’s help to bring in CNY. Continue reading “Bringing in Chinese New Year with origami lilies”

Craft project: Origami lillies

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When my friend told me about her intentions to make origami lillies, I was excited to start learning how to make them. I used to fold cranes and lucky stars, but lillies are my favourite flower and to be able to have lillies that are ‘safe’ in the house for the kitties was perfect from me. Continue reading “Craft project: Origami lillies”

My next craft project: Origami lillies

I haven’t really had a chance to do much that would help me relax, ever since I finished my glitter court shoes and flats, I’ve been raring to go and start a new project. I’ve got my material to start making my jersey midi skirt, but first I need to clear space in my room to start cutting out my fabric.

Another project that my friend mentioned that really caught my attention was her intentions to decorate her flat with fairy lights. They were going to be adorned with origami lillies – stargazer/Oriental pink lillies are my favourite flower, but with the kitties we can’t have them in the house because they are highly dangerous/poisonous to them. So when she told me about her origami lillies idea, I had a lightbulb appearing above my head that would allow me to have lillies in the house which would also be safe for the kitties.

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