New dressmaking project: the glam jacquard dress

No matter what anyone says, I’m a firm believer that women can never have too many dresses.

I think all those who believe in the motto ‘less is more’ when it comes to those with overflowing wardrobes and drawers would look at me in horror for saying this, but it’s true. Everyone appreciates beauty in a different way. Some like fancy sports cars, others like beautiful precious gemstones, artwork or big mansion houses. For me, beauty is in attention to the detail. Each dress carries its own unique beauty factor in the detail: this can be in the pleats, the stitching, the design of the dress or the fabric.

A recent charity find has brought back the sewing bug in me. After sewing 5 dresses for our wedding last year, I’ve been on a bit of a dressmaking/craft hiatus, but I’m now excited to get back on the bandwagon because of a beautiful fabric I’ve been seeing around a lot: jacquard.

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