All the ways I love you – a DIY project

Last week, I asked Lauren of blog By Lauren Hayley to write a guest blog post for me. Not only does Lauren fight her inner mental health battles, she also tries to help others suffering from similar issues and to try and raise awareness on the issue.

I do what I can in my job to support those with difficulties and/or disabilities, and through my blog encourage others to develop a more open view of what people are going through and to bring words of inspiration to others. I’ve taken a page out of Lauren’s book and made my own Valentine’s day present. It is another 5 days away after all, what better way to give the gift of love by giving them something simple and homemade?

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How to make homemade spicy gỏi cuốn (Vietnamese summer rolls)

Ever since I posted the quick and simple healthier eating recipes, I’ve been more aware and conscious of my eating habits and have been trying to choose healthier options from snacks (like gently baked strawberries and sweetened with apple juice instead of sugar from Urban Fruit) to meals (as much as possible, use fresh ingredients without added condiments like soy sauce salt, or oil.

One of my favourite things to cook are Asian dishes, because let’s face it, when you’ve been raised and grew up eating Asian food, you’ll need to satisfy the craving occasionally. One of my favourite things to make that is fresh and doesn’t involve deep or shallow frying, or oil-inducing methods of cooking, are Vietnamese summer rolls or gỏi cuốn.

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