Vegan fashion feature: Alexandra K’s handbags and accessories

I previously shared an edit of my favourite vegan shoes (here) and handbags. In the edit for handbags (here), one of the designers I featured was Alexandra K.

I felt like this was a great opportunity to tell you a bit more about why I like the brand so much and to share my experience shopping with them.

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Switching to a vegan lifestyle: a year after Veganuary 2017

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! Time really flew by quickly, whether you were having fun or not (between Christmas and Hogmanay, I was bedridden with a bad case of the flu and I’m still recovering), but I know this is set to be an exciting year and I can’t wait to see what vegan offerings will be on the table!

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What do apples have to do with sustainable luxury vegan fashion?

One pervading thought that still lingers in people’s minds about the lifestyle is that vegan fashion is a little behind when ‘luxury’ materials like leather, suede and exotic animal skins aren’t used. This is something innovative individuals who are environmentally conscious and animal lovers are quickly picking up on and filling the gap for. I will talk more about some of my favourite brands later, but walking through Harrods recently, I noticed how apart from Stella McCartney, there were no other designer brands that were vegan friendly and without paying through the nose for luxury fashion. happy genie is looking to bridge that gap in the market. Continue reading “What do apples have to do with sustainable luxury vegan fashion?”

Shopping for a wedding reception dress!

For the past 2.5 years, I’ve spent most of my efforts (and pennies) on our DIY wedding so I didn’t really think much about shopping for myself. Also having recently made floral pleated tea dress for a friend’s October wedding, I’m trying to find inspiration for a dress for another upcoming wedding and thinking I’d like to buy a dress for a change. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy something that’s been made by someone else and that’s where I’m at after spending the first 10 months of this year sewing 7 dresses.

Without further ado, here are my top picks for the upcoming Christmas wedding I’ll be attending.

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A weather for woolen capes: my winter DIY/dressmaking project

I don’t know about the weather where you are when you’re reading this, but it’s starting to feel an awful lot like winter’s coming to Edinburgh. The haar’s (Scots for the fog that comes from the sea) here and it’s starting to feel cool. It’s not quite thick wool coat, gloves and hat weather yet, but we need to start thinking about layering up for the cold. I could never really work out the cape for practical reasons, but it’s one of those styles that I couldn’t get off my mind. Especially the ones that don’t bunch up when you’re carrying a hobo bag on your shoulder because the opening for your arms are just slits.

I prefer styles like the one below where your arms are properly covered and give your figure some shape, but if you like you could also flip back the top section so that you can leave your arms free.

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New DIY project: the Harris Tweed coin pouch

A few weeks ago, we had lot of family and friends here to visiting because of our wedding (photos and updates coming soon). Now, we’re back to our quiet little family of 4 (the OH, myself and our two furry babies, that is), with the occasional visit to the OH’s parents. When my godsister was over, she got really excited about the small cross body bag she bought made from pink twill Harris Tweed material.

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A visit to the Magical Secret Garden with #EdinburghBloggersCoast

On Thursday evenings, there’s no doubt about it: it’s my Combat night and I don’t like missing class. When it’s a toss up between a fashion event though or class, it’s a tough call for me. I like window shopping, browsing through racks of beautiful clothes and admiring the unique fabric designs and costume jewellery. When you get an opportunity to attend an exclusive event with Edinburgh Bloggers and Coast Edinburgh, you can’t turn that down! So I waved a cheery farewell to fellow Combat warriors and told them I’d see them in 2 weeks. After all, Cinderella has a fashion event to attend!

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Get jewellery patterns on Craftsy!

Will be away for a long weekend to attend the hallmarking seminar at The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office which I’m really excited about! Having watched the documentary on the Cheapside Hoard that was shown on BBC4, I’m more excited than ever at improving my understanding of how hallmarks help date a piece and provide historical details and give life to the exquisite piece of jewellery. Continue reading “Get jewellery patterns on Craftsy!”

Creativity – recording words of wisdom

Everyone has their own way of expressing their creativity, whether it’s with their voice, playing musical instruments and writing their own music, drawing or painting art on canvas, or even by putting pen to paper and writing their thoughts in a diary, creating stories or poems. I was always interested in drawing and painting, but unless it was still life and doesn’t involve drawing a person’s face (I was terrible at drawing eyes and noses, my attempts at realistic works of art resembled Picasso more than van Gogh) I couldn’t do a good job of it. Continue reading “Creativity – recording words of wisdom”

Happy 4th July sale!

Now that summer’s here, it’s out with the old and in with the new in all the stores! Everywhere you look, the sales signs and posters are proudly displayed in shop display windows, enticing you to spend and buy things at reduced prices! The Purse Blog is one of those online resources that you can’t live without if you want to know about discounted designer bags! Not that I’m allowed to spend any money anytime soon, but there’s no harm in a little window shopping, right? Especially since the July 4th holiday is a big thing in America, might as well go with a bang!
Here are some of my favourite picks from The Purse Blog:

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Tory Birch Priscilla Small Frame Satchel, now US$435 (approx. £302.50) from Nordstrom Continue reading “Happy 4th July sale!”