Organic and vegan-friendly hair salon: my review of Emma Hall Hair Design

The last time I had my hair cut and coloured was at Ishi Salon (see here) after having grown it out for a couple years before for our wedding that same year. I found out about Ishi after my first Of One Mind event held at their salon (see here) and I loved the fresh style I got when I gave Craig Kane, my stylist, free reign to do what he thought would suit. Since becoming vegan though, there are a lot of things that you realise you would need to take into account: like finding a new hairdresser that uses vegan friendly products.

It was one of those things that never crossed my mind, but when I thought about it, it did make sense. I was using vegan friendly brands for my skin and hair care products, so why wouldn’t I expect the same from my hairdresser services? Luckily, finding local vegan groups help with this dilemma and I quickly made an appointment with Emma Hall Hair Design to get my hair trimmed and re-coloured.

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Cruelty free vegan-friendly hair care with A’kin

I made it a New Year’s resolution (here) to make the switch from regular drugstore products to more vegan-friendly and cruelty free brands. I started becoming more aware that a lot of bigger name brands, despite the ban put in place 3 years ago on selling products in the UK if they used animal testing, have still been stocking the shelves at local supermarkets and drugstores with their wares. I’ve been paying more attention to the products I buy and decided to slowly wean myself off of products that are harmful to us and that use animal testing. I pledged to switch to more vegan-friendly and cruelty free brands (see here and here) and I’ve been gradually making that change. Continue reading “Cruelty free vegan-friendly hair care with A’kin”

How do you choose? Finding the right sulphate free, organic hair products

I’ve been a bit stuck with finding the right shampoo my entire life. There are particular Asian brand shampoos and conditioners that worked well with my hair type when I still lived in Hong Kong, but unfortunately I can’t get the same brands here in the UK. I’ve resorted to using Head & Shoulders because it’s the only shampoo that’s been effective in reducing the build up of grease in my hair.

In trying to live a healthier lifestyle with fitness and looking to dairy free/vegan recipes for baking and other goodies that I miss, it just felt a bit of a double standard to keep using chemically-laden products in my shower routine. I had a conversation with my sister when she was here for our wedding about organic and SLS/SLES/ALES-free products and I feel it’s the right time to look for a replacement to my harsh hair products.

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