Updates on my wedding dressmaking project: the evening reception dress

I thought when I posted my idea for my evening reception dress that it would have been finished before the summer was over. I think I was getting a bit over-ambitious (or slacking?) because I’m still working on it. I was planning to work on a couple of other exciting dressmaking projects (here and here), but it doesn’t look like I’ll get started (or finished) before the wedding.

The good news is, I’m making good progress with the evening reception dress though with only 9 hours worth of cutting, pinning and sewing (by machine and by hand)!

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Dressmaking project: the evening reception glam LBD

I was trying to decide on the material to use for my evening reception dress, I came across the silver and gold lace fabric with the black undertones. I was swithering between them only because I’m partial to silver, but eventually a work friend of mine convinced me to go with the gold and I couldn’t agree more. The next issue I had though was deciding what coloured fabric to use underneath.

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