DIY tutorial: glitter court shoes

Remember my previous post where I was on the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes? How I finally got my inspiration for my own personal/customised pair from the photo of Christian Louboutin’s multi glitter slingback heels?

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Adventures in Dressmaking

After I wrote my previous post, I couldn’t help myself (I’ve got no patience when it comes to getting excited about anything, especially a project) from starting to look for supplies online to make myself the perfect wedding shoes to go with my mum’s Chinese wedding dress. I’ve already thought about it and decided that with a solid red glitter pair, it would be quite difficult for me to wear it again in the future. I didn’t want to buy a pair of shoes to customise to only wear it for my wedding day, so I want the pair that I make to be versatile enough to be worn with my dresses and outfits after the big day. Continue reading “DIY tutorial: glitter court shoes”

On the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of dark red (burgundy? wine? prune?) coloured shoes to go with my dearest mummy’s wedding dress which I will be wearing on my own big day and I can’t wait! =) What surprises me is how it fits me just right, which means my mum was the same size as me when she was around my age! The only thing I need to do is unpick the altered stitching when it was taken in when my aunt borrowed my mum’s ‘kwa’ (the traditional Chinese embroidered with dragons and phoenixes – to signify yin and yang, also representing the union of man and woman – wedding dress which is red – to bring good luck).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Continue reading “On the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes”