Wedding wardrobe complete: from start to finish!

My 3 dresses for the wedding: the Chinese wedding dress, the white wedding dress, and the evening reception dress

The Maid of Honour (left) and Bridesmaid dresses

I can’t tell you how satisfied (or how relieved!) I was to have finished all 5 dresses for the wedding: 3 of my own, the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid dresses. Continue reading “Wedding wardrobe complete: from start to finish!”

DIY wedding guestbook tutorial: the drop top guestbook

Do you remember the DIY project for my 2015 wedding I was working on that was taking longer than expected? Have you already got an idea in your head of what this might be? When it comes to actually executing your idea, you realise it’s not as straightforward as what you imagined it to be and you have to make some adjustments. Or if you’re like me and your frame is in one place and you’ve left some things at home, it means you’ve got to finish it off another time.

I’m pleased to report that I’m finally finished with it though and here’s the reveal of where the inspiration for my DIY wedding project came from! Continue reading “DIY wedding guestbook tutorial: the drop top guestbook”