New Pipe Dream Patterns sewing project: My Sew Called Sweater

It’s April and with having a week off, I’d quite like to spend this time getting back into my sewing groove! I had started some children’s sewing projects last year (see here, here and here) after the sewing and crafting plenty for our 2015 wedding (you can see the full details of my projects here). Afterwards I believe I burned myself out and with my excitement to try to sew all sorts of things babies and expecting parents would need last year.

One of the first things that piqued my interest in sewing again was when I discovered Pipe Dream Patterns, a fledgling indie pattern company working towards creating comfortable wardrobe staples with fun style lines to help you explore your own creativity with colours and textiles.

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Discovering a new world of luxurious fabrics from Tissura

Anyone who is experienced with sewing and dressmaking will be able to tell you that the choice of fabric for any project, whether it be a jacket, dress or curtain, is very important. Choosing a lightweight cotton fabric for curtain doesn’t help serve its purpose; using heavyweight fabric for an evening gown makes it impractical. Finding suppliers who offer a great range of beautiful fabric can also be a tricky task. Most sewers are fascinated by haute couture designs, so it’ll come as no surprise that Tissura is the company that can supply you with the same high quality luxurious fabrics, directly from the manufacturers, that premier fashion houses use. Continue reading “Discovering a new world of luxurious fabrics from Tissura”

You’re so in Vogue: a dressmaking project for

One of the great things I like most about dressmaking is: you don’t fit the clothes, you make the clothes to fit you. Can’t find a style to suit you? Alter it! Can’t find a style in shops that compliment your figure? Make your own! Like vintage styles but don’t want to look dated? Update the style!

When you get into the habit of making your own clothes, you want to put your own stamp on things and sometimes, store bought items no longer appeal to you quite as much. A couple months ago, I passed by the BHS window display. There on the mannequin was a beautiful mint green tea dress with a funnel neck collar that I quite fancied.

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Welcome to the sewing family, Brother!

Having used the trusty ol’ hand-me-down Singer sewing machine for the past year and a half that the OH was given more than 5 years ago, I’d recently taken the plunge and bought a brand, spankin’ new sewing machine. I saw a deal come up on Groupon and after much hemming and hawing, decided to go for it. The deal had come up previously, but I was quite content with the trusty Singer we’ve been using for many years.

The temptation of not having to sew button holes by hand and being able to sew more than just a straight stitch was too big to resist any longer. Especially when the OH’s mum gave me some money to buy a new one. The impatient wait has finally come to an end, the box was sitting waiting patiently for me when I came through the front door after work!

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