Vegan fashion directory part 1: my favourite vegan friendly shoe brands

As vegans, there is an element of personal choice (and what your budget allows) when it comes to throwing out any non-vegan items from your wardrobe. My personal view on this topic is this:

  1.  Not everyone is able to completely overhaul their wardrobe and ensure every item is vegan-friendly, and
  2.  By doing this, you could potentially be creating more waste and adding to the consumer behaviour

My own view is to continue using what you have, even if they’re not vegan, if you’re comfortable doing so until it becomes time to replace them with vegan-friendly alternatives. A lot of people might think that vegan shoes tend to be pricey and that they’re unfashionable to wear, but with growing demand and an ever-increasing vegan population, more and more fully-vegan companies are appearing to fill the gaps or non-vegan companies are recognising the need to offer vegan alternatives to keep loyal customers happy.

The end result? A range of footwear to suit active athletes, smart/formal or work occasions, fashion-conscious and practical comfort vegans. Continue reading “Vegan fashion directory part 1: my favourite vegan friendly shoe brands”


A touch of Scots to our Chinese-Scottish fusion wedding

Now that I’ve got more free time at the end of a work day, I’ve been working hard at getting the final details organised for our big day in September. Bridezilla has gone in hiding (for the moment) and the excited bride with the needle and thread has come out to play! A friend recently sent me the link to an article on Scottish wedding ideas and my ears perked up with interest.

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You are a Dancing Queen! Bringing sexy back to your shoes

Last week, I wrote about an unexpected discovery at Sushiya when we were there for dinner. The lady at the table facing me had on the most amazing pair of glitter T-strap heels! I mentioned it to the OH and couldn’t take my eyes off them…until I noticed they had a low, chunky block heel.

I have a thing about the style of the shoes themselves. If it’s a pair of boots, they would be fine with a block or Cuban heel depending on it’s design, but T-strap and Mary Jane heels are something of an obsession for me – they have to come with a tapered/slim or stiletto heel. I scoured high and low for a pair T-strap heels that I can customise into a pair of mood-lifters and eBay did not disappoint.

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Dressmaking project: the midi skirt

Source: Maison Miru

I’ll be the first to admit that flared jeans and tunic tops might not be popular anymore, but I stick with the styles that suit me and I refuse to follow the trends unless certain key pieces that I really like. As each year goes by, the need to flaunt my body becomes less important (remember the early 20th century where flashing some stomach like Britney Spears was all the rage, or wearing really short skirts to show off your legs). The need to wear short or above the knee skirts stem from the fact that I’m 5’5″. I like wearing my heels, but when you’re small, any attempts at looking taller helps. I’ve also learned that no matter your height, you should be dressing for yourself and with styles that compliment your body shape and size. I prefer styles which suit my particular body shape and one thing that is on my list of fashion staples is the midi skirt. Continue reading “Dressmaking project: the midi skirt”

DIY tutorial: glitter court shoes

Remember my previous post where I was on the hunt for the perfect wedding shoes? How I finally got my inspiration for my own personal/customised pair from the photo of Christian Louboutin’s multi glitter slingback heels?

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Adventures in Dressmaking

After I wrote my previous post, I couldn’t help myself (I’ve got no patience when it comes to getting excited about anything, especially a project) from starting to look for supplies online to make myself the perfect wedding shoes to go with my mum’s Chinese wedding dress. I’ve already thought about it and decided that with a solid red glitter pair, it would be quite difficult for me to wear it again in the future. I didn’t want to buy a pair of shoes to customise to only wear it for my wedding day, so I want the pair that I make to be versatile enough to be worn with my dresses and outfits after the big day. Continue reading “DIY tutorial: glitter court shoes”

Mushrooms and snake print maxi dresses

This weekend has been busy, busy, busy. To an extent. Having finally cut out the lining pieces for the maxi dress, I managed to finally get a start on assembling the bodice and waistband.

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Progress on the snake print maxi dress, completed at the weekend

As you can see, the mannequin has come in handy, especially with photographing what I’ve done so far. Continue reading “Mushrooms and snake print maxi dresses”

Make a statement – with your trousers!

In my previous post where I mentioned the inspiration I got from Suzannah’s post at Adventures of Dressmaking to buy a pair of burgundy skinny jeans from New Look, I’ve noticed it seems to be the fad these days for women, regardless of age, to make a statement….not with their tops, but with coloured or patterned trousers! Continue reading “Make a statement – with your trousers!”