Have You Met….Life of a DIY Shopaholic?

Have you seen my recent interview with Talor Gilchrist for her Have You Met… series? Talor has been talking to various bloggers to get to know them better and today, it’s about my blog.

Blogs are great because they are the complete personality of the people behind them, I will guarantee that you will not find a blog that is identical to another. (Maybe the theme but not the content).

One thing I have enjoyed learning from my blogger interviews is why people started their blog, it is something that I’ve never actually thought about before but is actually really interesting.

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Fresh start to 2016!

Hope you’ve all had a nice time with family and friends over Christmas and Hogmanay in 2015 and are feeling fresh and raring to go in 2016! It’s now the 4th day of the new year and I’m still in holiday mode. Really not looking forward to going back to work! Continue reading “Fresh start to 2016!”

DIY gifts in a jar: salted caramel hot chocolate recipe

Every day or so, I get notifications and e-mails about free or discounted books and given the big difference in price between, say, the original price of £2.05 or getting it for free, I’m not arguing with a free Kindle e-book! I tend to download fiction and have got so many, I’ve still to work through 66 pages…worth of titles. A useful book comes along once in a while though that you just can’t say no to. Gifts in Jars: Recipes for Easy, Delicious, Inexpensive DIY Gifts in Jars (Jar Recipes, Jar Gifts, Homemade Gifts) by Margaret Lowe was one of those books I just couldn’t help but download for myself.

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Fashion statement of 2014: DIY sombré hair!

One of the good things about being in Edinburgh is the lack of interest and awareness of what’s going on in Hollywood. I was getting tired of my innate curiosity to know what celebrities were getting up to and all the minute details of their lives. They’re human after all and as much as we’re fascinated with what the wealthier (and more glamorous) people live, they should still be given the respect and privacy we would expect from our neighbours and members of the public. The only downside is, I miss out on new styles and fashion that might be of interest. The ombré hair trend various celebrities were sporting in 2012 at various events was one of these things I missed out on.

Imagine my surprise when I came across an article in Glamour magazine about the sombré hair trend for 2014, the new softer ombré. I knew my hair needed a bit of a change, I’ve been getting layers in my hair which hasn’t been dyed in 10 years and I was looking for something fun. Sombre was just the thing I needed!

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How to make homemade spicy gỏi cuốn (Vietnamese summer rolls)

Ever since I posted the quick and simple healthier eating recipes, I’ve been more aware and conscious of my eating habits and have been trying to choose healthier options from snacks (like gently baked strawberries and sweetened with apple juice instead of sugar from Urban Fruit) to meals (as much as possible, use fresh ingredients without added condiments like soy sauce salt, or oil.

One of my favourite things to cook are Asian dishes, because let’s face it, when you’ve been raised and grew up eating Asian food, you’ll need to satisfy the craving occasionally. One of my favourite things to make that is fresh and doesn’t involve deep or shallow frying, or oil-inducing methods of cooking, are Vietnamese summer rolls or gỏi cuốn.

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In the process of migrating to WordPress – stay tuned!

Hi all! I’m currently in the process of moving to WordPress (I’m definitely impressed with all the options of displaying my posts!) but am having some hiccups transferring previous posts to this blog. So in the meantime, please bear with me while I work through this wee (or one big) issue with WordPress staff. In the meantime, you can still visit my current blog and enjoy the photo below that I took today!


The wonders of goat’s milk cream for skin problems and Werther’s Original for sore throats!

I know I mainly update this blog on any fashion, dressmaking and craft ideas that catch my eye, but one thing I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from is good health care remedies with everyday problems. My dad’s a GP so whenever we get ill, we talk to my dad, he gets pills from his clinic or from the cupboard/fridge and we follow strict instructions on taking the medicine until it’s sorted, but it doesn’t always work or it takes too long for the medicine to take effect. It might not be commonly talked about, but one thing I’ve learned from old wives’ tales is they’re not actually all myth – some of these ones that I’ve tried actually works! Continue reading “The wonders of goat’s milk cream for skin problems and Werther’s Original for sore throats!”

Karachi, Pakistan – here I come!

The day has arrived where I’m finally going to Pakistan for my dear friend’s wedding. A 4 day celebration with approximately 350 guests! This has to be the most extravagant event I’ve ever been to, even if it’s considered a ‘small’ celebration (on average Pakistani weddings last over a week with more than 500 guests, so I’ve been told). Continue reading “Karachi, Pakistan – here I come!”