Quick and simple vegan recipe hack: linguine mushroom bolognese

Nothing excites me more than seeing the abundance of vegan options being offered at restaurants and supermarkets now, especially the Wicked Kitchen range that’s gaining momentum in Tesco stores across the UK (see my review of the products I’ve sampled so far here), but the OH and I do enjoy cooking our own meals at home too.

I loved the idea of using mushrooms as a vegan alternative to minced beef and instead of using soy mince. We try not to cook with processed foods too often preferring to cook our own meals with whole foods and enhancing flavour with herbs and spices. Trying my hand at making a dish similar to the Wicked Kitchen Nana’s linguine mushroom bolognese was so fun and simple, I really enjoyed making it myself.

The choice of pasta is up to you, it makes no difference at all to this recipe what you choose to cook with. I enjoy the different shape in linguine and prefer the texture for a change from spaghetti ocassionally, but in this instance decided to keep in line with the original Wicked Kitchen recipe since I enjoyed it so much.

This recipe is really quick and easy to make and only required several ingredients. As much as restaurant dishes seem really fancy, recipe books seem to ask for over 10 ingredients and a lot of store-bought meals seem to have a long list of ingredients, a tasty meal doesn’t require a lot of effort and a long shopping list.

Vegan linguine mushroom bolognese
Serves 2

200g linguine
150g mushrooms
1/2 onion
1 carton tomato passata (I bought 2 in case one wasn’t enough, but if you prefer more sauce, use 2 cartons)
1-2 cloves of garlic
Herbs to taste
Handful rocket (optional)

1. Boil water, and add salt and oil for the linguine.

2. Separate the stems from the mushroom cups and dice these as finely as possible. I like the taste and texture of mushrooms so decided to leave mine quite coarsely diced.

3. Next, finely dice onions. Again, to make my onions the same size as the mushrooms, I also coarsely diced this.

I found it easier to cut the onion into slices before dicing them

4. Finely chop garlic.

5. On high heat with oil in the pan, cook the diced mushrooms. Add the linguine to the boiling water.

6. Add the onions to the pan of cooking mushrooms.

7. Once the diced onions have softened, add the chopped garlic.

8. Add the tomato passata and stir well. Add herbs and spices to taste. For this dish, we used supermarket own-brand jar of Italian herb.

9. Once the linguine is cooked, drain and add this directly to the pan of mushroom bolognese and mix well. Alternatively for a restaurant-like finish, divide the linguine onto the plates and add the bolognese on top.

10. Garnish with rocket if desired and serve.

I added onion to my linguine dish which I believe wasn’t used in the Wicked Kitchen bolognese, but I love adding onions to meals. I’m also not a big fan of eating a lot of dishes that remind me of animal products, so preferred knowing that I was eating my pasta with mushrooms, but if you don’t mind and want to cook this dish for non-vegans or want it to replicate bolognese, make sure to finely chop the mushrooms to smaller pieces or blitz them in the food processor.

If you’ve tried making my recipe above, I would love to know what you think in the comments below!

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