Being a considerate vegan: review of Considerit Chocolate

I haven’t really been attending vegan markets or festivals much after the summer, but I’m hoping to pick up on that again once festivals start again for 2018. One stall I would always visit and shop from at festivals and markets was Considerit Chocolate.

Considerit is a family run artisan chocolate and doughnut shop that recently opened at Sciennes near the Meadows. Their doughnuts are always soft, doughy and oh so tasty and their chocolate creations are to die for.

The doughnuts and chocolates are beautifully presented and it’s quite hard to decide which one to walk away with. If you’re indecisive or would like to share their tastiness, you can always buy a box of 6 doughnuts and receive a 10% discount! Doughnut flavours rotate on a daily basis so better be quick before they’re all gone!

Doughnuts as far as the eye can see!

As for the chocolates, they are so pretty it seems shame to devour them. You can choose from single bars to eat at home, beautiful bars or a selection box with artful splatter designs on them. I had bought a couple of boxes as Christmas gifts but it was a bit difficult to let go of them.

Artisan chocolate bars

Beautifully presented selection chocolate boxes

I could have walked out of the shop with one of everything if my budget allowed me, but I had to make do with the gifts I intended to purchase and to be happy with the Oreo doughnut I bought for myself.

One happy vegan with my Oreo doughnut

If you’re feeling brave during the cold windy days, the shop also offers dairy free vegan ice cream, and for those who prefer to warm up, they also serve hot teas, coffees and hot chocolate to go with a relaxing chat over a doughnut with friends and family. For special occasions, be sure to stop by for some specialty flavours to suit the occasion or order in advance for pick up!

Considerit Chocolate can be found at 3-5a Sciennes, EH9 1NH. They are open from 9:00am Tuesday to Saturday (10:00am on Sunday) until 5:00pm. For any enquiries, please call 07813 921 443 or send them an e-mail to say hi.

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