Vegan fashion feature: Alexandra K’s handbags and accessories

I previously shared an edit of my favourite vegan shoes (here) and handbags. In the edit for handbags (here), one of the designers I featured was Alexandra K.

I felt like this was a great opportunity to tell you a bit more about why I like the brand so much and to share my experience shopping with them.

My order from Alexandra K

Alexandra K is a newly discovered vegan brand from Poland founded in 2014. Founder and designer Alexandra Kościkiewicz believes that consciousness of the environmental problems bring a new dimension to fashion and that this is the reason why the idea of using leather goods is no longer so desirable to the vast majority of consumers.

In addition to never compromising on their vegan ethos by refusing to use any materials derived from animals, the brand also ensures skilled leather workers in Poland receive fair wages and good working conditions and focusing on collaborations with Polish companies to support their local economy. Alexandra K are constantly looking for new fabric that are recycled or from organic farming that uses less water and energy and do not use highly toxic chemical compounds such as PVC.

All of Alexandra’s designs are simple, elegant and functional and attention is paid to detail. The styles are so versatile with classic shapes that can transform from day to night and you can choose a bigger size to carry all your belongings, or you can choose a mini size if you prefer a daintier mini bag.

There are many beautiful styles to choose from, whether you’re after a bucket bag, a medium-sized shoulder bag or a tote, Alexandra K has you covered. I love mini bags for going out, day or night. For my small size, a petite bag that carries all my essentials without having to dig through a big bag for it is a bonus. The style of the 0.8 mini bag is stylish, simple but classic.

The process of ordering the bag was simple and because I chose a bag that was ready to ship within 48 hours, I didn’t have to wait 30 days for my bag to be made when ordered. This is also great if sustainability and reducing waste is something you take into account when shopping. By only making the bag when ordered, the materials are in its original form and can be used to create other styles.

My parcel arrived within days and I couldn’t be happier. Knowing that I was supporting a vegan brand and seeing this reinforced on the simple box made it feel like Christmas all over again.

The detail put into packaging the order made it all the more special, the team at Alexandra K really know how to make you feel special, that you’re treating yourself (and benefiting the animals) by purchasing a vegan product and not contributing to the leather and exotic skins industry.

Handmade especially for you

Each bag comes with its own embroidered dustbag and a beautiful printed card

I decided to go with the Almond 0.8 mini because I loved the versatile and neutral colour that would go with any outfit. Alexandra K is currently having a sale and only 3 colours (red, sky blue and almond) are available for the 0.8, but the mid-sized 1.2 (here) has a choice of 5 colours to choose from.

My Almond 0.8

I love the raised vertical lines of stitching that draws your focus to the metal plaque on the front. The gold coloured metalware also complements the bag nicely. If you also read the plaque, each bag has its unique number.

Hardware on my Almond 0.8

The bag might seem small, but it has fit my keys, hand cream, wallet, tissues, BlackBerry Priv and Kindle. It’s my favourite go to bag now when I need to dress up an outfit and want to be able to wear it as a crossbody bag, or if you loop the chain around the flap, carry it as a shoulder bag.

Taking my 0.8 out on the town

Have you heard of Alexandra K before? Do you have a favourite bag?

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