Exploring vegan food in Finnieston: review of The Cran

Travelling when you’re vegan can sometimes mean doing some research to find out what’s good to eat where you’re going, and if you’re not familiar with the area, maybe getting in touch with restaurants and hotels to ask about vegan options in advance. One of the best things about having friends living in other areas is making sure they already know about your lifestyle choice and letting them take the lead. In this case, a very good family friend of mine had been to The Cran in Finnieston (planting seeds as I go along!) and kept that in mind as a place to visit when I was next in the area.

The vegetarian and vegan deli also acts as an art gallery with pop up shops, and hosts events and workshops. Nestled amongst other local independent shops on Argyll Street, the retro exterior houses a large shop window displaying all the lovely home baking with old-style script and dark wood panelling, an ode to the history of the area.

All vegan options are clearly marked and this is one of those vegetarian/vegan delis that offer more vegan options than you know what to do with! Not that I’m complaining of course, but when offered so much choice, it does take some time to consider what you would like to eat. From a choice of cheese toasties, dahl to curry and burritos, there is quite a lot to think about. Oh and don’t forget their danishes and croissants which are also vegan friendly! There are usually vegan cakes on display as well, so I’m not surprised I was running around with wide eyes full of wonder and intrigue.

Dotted around the shop space are also products made by local artists and also serves artisan coffee from the local makers, The Good Coffee Cartel.

After carefully perusing the menu (I definitely wanted something with rice, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted the dahl or the trusty ol’ burrito more), my friend and I both decided to get the veggie burrito without cheese and added avocado.

Vegan burrito (the veggie burrito with rice and avocado, and no cheese)

As you can probably imagine, the burritos were a generous size, but what we weren’t exactly expecting was how filled with rice they were going to be! Not that I’m complaining because I love my rice, but do be prepared to dine with a healthy appetite! The side salad was a delight, with a slight hint of a fruity dressing although it doesn’t seem like there was any dressing on it at all. It was a lovely and refreshing mix of flavours to accompany the warm torilla wrapped around creamy avocado, rice and vegetables housed within.

In addition to their burritos and grilled cheese (vegan and vegetarian) toasties, they also have a selection of breakfasts as well as a rotation of different curries, sandwiches and filled croissants to choose from. They also sell Left Field Kombucha (it was a tough toss up choosing between Karma Cola, Kombucha, Dandelion and Burdock and Curiosity Cola, but the thought of a nice long pull of cola won).

I couldn’t help myself and had to get a strawberry Danish when I found out they were vegan after the filling burrito that I had, but I also made sure to get a slice of the vegan cinnamon and apple cake for the OH who loves his cake. With all then amazing food and drink on offer from a local independent shop, this is definitely one of my favourite cosy delis to return to. I’m excited to find out what will be on the menu (and what sweet treats will be displayed at the window shop!) the next time I’m in the area!

The Cran can be found at 994 Argyle Street, Finnieston (Glasgow), G3 8UL. They’re open from Monday to Fridays from 8:30am to 6:30pm and 10:00am to 6:00pm on weekends. For any enquiries, call 0141 237 3435 or contact them through their Facebook page here.

Do you have any recommendations for vegan options in the area? Any other restaurants, cafes or delis you would recommend?

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