Review: Nando’s new vegan burgers!

Nando’s is one of the most well known chain fast food restaurant in the UK. They first opened their doors in South Africa back in ’87 and the decor and music in each Nando’s restaurant reflects the influence of the culture on the atmosphere, the decorated walls and the beat of the music. The quirky font style is also inspired by South African sign writing and Nando’s has asked talented sign writer and artist Marks Salimu to help.

Incorporating South African, Portuguese and Nando’s own touches, you can’t help but feel a bit transported to another world when you step into the world of Nando’s when you step through their doors.

In Edinburgh, there are several restaurant locations dotted about the city, but for this blog post, I happened to be dining at the Nando’s restaurant at Fountainpark with a good friend of mine before we went to the cinema. With touches of tribal patterns and unique patterns in the ceiling lighting, your eyes can’t help but wander, admiring all the little unique touches.

I’ve always liked Nando’s even before I became vegan. I’m not sure what it is, but maybe it’s the choice you have to customise your meal how you like. For each dish, you can choose between having your chosen filling in a burger, pitta or wrap. For vegans, you can choose between mains of:

  • portobello mushroom (without the halloumi and yoghurt, but the server offered to add avocado for free)
  • sweet potato and butternut squash burger
  • supergreen burger

As for sides and starters, you can choose from:

  • hummus with Peri Peri drizzle
  • red pepper dip (speak to the manager to avoid cross contamination)
  • spicy mixed olives
  • Peri Peri nuts
  • mixed leaf salad
  • spicy rice
  • garlic bread
  • corn on the cob (without butter)
  • regular and Peri-salted chips
  • chargrilled veg
  • sweet potato wedges (with or with Peri Peri salt)

I love ordering the portobello mushroom and avocado on occasion, it was my favourite dish to order with halloumi before I became vegan, and I love my mushrooms too much not to order the wrap or pitta every now and then. Since I heard about the new supergreen and sweet potato & butternut burgers though, I knew I had to give them a try. After all, vegans around the world have been talking about it, I had to know whether the food lived up to its hype.

Sweet potato and butternut pitta with peri salted chips

I love the pitta because it’s not like eating a wrap that you can get from the supermarkets (although on occasion I do prefer to order the wrap for a change) and it’s not quite like eating a burger. Regardless, the pitta, wrap and burger buns are always nice and soft and never feels like you’re eating stale bread. The sweet potato and butternut burger was lovely, all soft and juicy, bursting with flavour from the sweet vegetables accompanied by red pepper, onion and edamame beans.

Sweet potato and butternut pitta

The pitta was lovely and I liked how the burger wasn’t dry at all and I didn’t feel like I needed to take sips from my drink regularly throughout the meal to compensate for the dryness. The peri salted chips are as nice as I remembered. Sometimes the mix can be a bit spicy, but with the size of the chips and the salt, it doesn’t feel quite as spicy as it could be and I enjoy the little kick it gives.

I’m very pleased that you’re not restricted to having salad at Nando’s, known for their flame grilled and Peri chicken. There are so many options available to vegans. I can see that Nando’s is one of those restaurants that won’t drop off my list of go-to restaurants when I want something quick and tasty when I’m too lazy to cook.

The Nando’s restaurant I visited was at Fountainpark, Fountain Bridge, EH11 1AF. During meal times, it can be quite busy so remember to make a reservation if you can by calling
01312 211 861.

To find your nearest Nando’s restaurant, click here.

Have you tried any of Nando’s vegan options? What is your favourite? Have I missed any vegan options from the list? Let me know in the comments section below!

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