Angry Vegan? Not me! Review of Bread Meats Bread, Edinburgh

Burgers, one of those things that bring to mind a beef burger patty sandwiched between salad leaves and two halves of a bun. When I first became vegan, there were a lot of favourite dishes that I thought I had to give up for good, but little did I know that burgers were one of the easiest and most readily available vegan dishes when you’re eating out.

Some non-vegan establishments only offer you a bean burger, not that I’m complaining because when you get vegan food on the menu, I’d eat anything just to show it’s not hard to be vegan and still be able to eat out. When Bread Meats Bread offers you not one, but 7 vegan burger choices though? That’s a no brainer that it then becomes difficult to choose which one you want to try first.

Bread Meats Bread on Lothian Road in Edinburgh is right next to the Filmhouse and is always busy around meal times. They don’t take bookings as it’s a walk in only restaurant, so be prepared to wait in a queue. The OH and I visited with my friend when we planned our visit. We arrived a little earlier to try and avoid the dinner rush but seems most people had the same idea as there was a queue out the door. Their turnaround times were quick though and we weren’t waiting for too long before we were given a menu to peruse and shortly thereafter, our orders were taken and we were shown to a table.

Depending on your view (and dietary requirements), there are 4 seitan chick’n burgers on the menu, there’s also the Radical Reuben burger with Pastramheat from Sgaia Vegan Meats and 2 plant-based pulled carrot and falafel burgers. At the time we visited, I really wanted to try the BBQ pulled oyster mushroom burger, but at the time they were sold out and I’ve been informed by Bread Meats Bread that as they were imported from North Korea, they have now had to introduce BBQ pulled carrot instead as a substitute.

The Angry Vegan

Neither my friend nor the OH are vegan, but my friend was game to try seitan as she’d never tried it before. The Angry Vegan has vegan buttermilk fried seitan burger patty dipped in hot buffalo sauce, topped with lettuce and jalapenos and smothered in vegan blue cheeze mayo, my friend was thoroughly impressed and said it was finger lickin’ good.

Vegan Fried Chick’n Burger

Compared to The Angry Vegan, my own Vegan Fried Chick’n burger paled in comparison in size and height. Not that it bothered me much, tall burgers are intimidating and require a lot more stomach space than what I normally have available. It might seem like a regular dainty burger, but the vegan buttermilk fried seitan burger came on a bed of pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and vegan Sriracha mayo. The mayo had a slight kick to it without being too spicy and I enjoyed it. I’m not sure if it was because the restaurant was busy or if I’m just being picky, but I felt that the seitan chick’n burger was a bit too chewy for my taste. I’ve had seitan burgers that were a little softer, but we were served quickly and the food was good so I’m not complaining.

I do look forward to going back sometime though to try their other burgers and maybe see if my opinion on their seitan chick’n burger changes when I can go back at a less busy time of day. I imagine the 24 Karat Toastie is also suitable for vegans if it comes with spicy vegan mayo?

The Angry Vegan with sweet potato fries

Vegan Fried Chick’n Burger with chips

There’s a choice of several fries including vegan bacon chips and caramelised sweet potato fries in addition to the regular options.

Bread Meats Bread in Edinburgh can be found at 92 Lothian Road, EH3 9BE. For any enquiries, call 0131 225 3000 or send them an e-mail. They also have 2 store locations in Glasgow – for more information click here.

Have you been to Bread Meats Bread? What do you think of their vegan options? Do you have a favourite burger?

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