Review of The Auld Hoose: home of the largest nachos in Edinburgh!

Since becoming vegan, I’ve always been a bit sceptical about whether pubs offer vegan options. Years ago, one of my closest friends and her husband decided to go vegan and once I realised how many non-vegan ingredients were in almost everything we buy, I decided to pay more attention to the menus and to see which restaurants had clearly marked vegan options. Imagine my surprise when, by accident, my OH and I stopped by The Auld Hoose for a quick drink and noticed how many vegan options they offered.

The pub, on St Leonard’s Street (which joins onto Pleasance), is nice and cosy with lots of wooden furniture and a mix of different frames on the wall as well as a chalk board near the ceiling featuring their latest guest craft beer. It’s not too dark that it becomes a gentleman’s pub or too bright that it’s more a place for the ladies, it somehow manages to find the right balance that makes it suitable for all. It is also one of my favourite pubs because a) the staff are friendly and, b) where else would you find a pub that sometimes plays rock or heavy music with a good beat?

This is the second time my friend Jen (from The Sustainable Edit) and I have tried to meet at the pub for a catch up. Potentially because of its location (many tourists prefer to stick to locations closer to town), but it’s a shame it’s not normally as packed as it should be, but Tuesdays are apparently when it’s a full house because of their legendary Quiz Nights.

Being the only one between the two of us who’s vegan, it’s hard to try and get too many dishes on the menu photographed for this post. Let’s just say there are plenty to choose from including their infamous biggest nachos in Edinburgh, the falafel burger, burrito, hot dog, chilli bowl and hot sandwich with lots of toppings to choose from, including vegan cheese. Oh and let’s not forget their lovely selection of vegan desserts as well that isn’t just sorbet, it’s a sundae!

It’s been a while since I had a burger so I decided to go with the falafel burger with onion rings and fried mushrooms, just to spice things up a little bit. I was expecting the burger to be quite bland and dry, but the BBQ sauce was lovely. I really wasn’t expecting my burger to be that stacked, especially when it came with chips and a side of salad greens!

Falafel burger with fried mushrooms, onion rings and BBQ sauce

The meal was lovely and I could have rolled myself home after that. Luckily the bus stop isn’t too far a walk and it was just a matter of walking a short distance to allow trusty ol Lothian Bus take me home.

I would highly recommend The Auld Hoose, I’ve even been told their vegan nachos were out of this world and has the seal of approval from other vegans. Don’t just take our word for it though, go and try for yourself!

The Auld Hoose can be found at 23-25 St Leonard’s Street, EH8 9QN and is open from 12:00 noon Mondays to Saturdays (12:30pm on Sundays) till 12:45 past midnight every night. You can also browse their menu with clearly marked vegetarian and vegan options here.

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