Vegan Night #2: review of Bread Street Brasserie

I’d previously gone to Bread Street Brasserie for Vegan Night with Lucie from Call Me Dumpling (see my previous review here) and while the food was quite lovely, I was a bit disappointed by the apple crumble (you can read all about this in my blog post).

The OH wanted to go out for dinner recently, and I thought it might be a good time to give their Vegan Night another try, especially since the menu sounded more appealing (more as a result of personal tastes than poor menu choices) so we went for round 2.

When we arrived, the restaurant was a lot busier than the last time I was there in May. It was also nice to know that a lot more customers at the tables near us (as well as, from what we could see, some of the other tables at the other side of the restaurant) were ordering from the vegan rather than the à la carte menu.

Not long after being seated we were promptly served by waiting staff to take our drinks order and offer us bread and flavoured vegan butter. Soon after, someone then came to take our food order. Unfortunately, possibly because it was a lot busier than expected, it seemed drinks were taking a while to arrive and at the next table, their starters arrived before their drinks did. Our drinks didn’t take long at all, but we were met with an apologetic member of waiting staff who explained there was a mix up in the kitchen and kindly asked us to repeat our order. Luckily the OH and I both ordered the same starter and main course with a side of chips to share which made it a lot easier for the order to be placed again.

Wild mushroom and tarragon risotto bon bons

The bon bons were lovely with a crispy breadcrumb-like coating which contrasted nicely with the soft and moist risotto within. It has a nice combination of flavour when eaten with the sauce and greens, otherwise as a big fan of mushrooms, I was slightly disappointed that the bite of bon bons on its own was a bit bland. I suppose the dish is meant to be eaten with all the ingredients presented so it wasn’t too much of a negative for me. The only point I would make would be (again, as a mushroom fanatic) would be the request that more mushrooms be added!

Stir fry noodles with vegetables, lemongrass, chilli and shiitake mushroom broth

I’m used to stir fry noodles and rice being cooked in plenty of oil to stop the rice or noodles from sticking to the pan, so I was a bit surprised to be served the noodles in soup. I’m not sure why, since the menu says that the noodles are in shiitake mushroom broth, but I may have thought that the noodles were cooked in the broth to give it that extra bit of flavour. Either way, I enjoyed the noodles quite a bit as being Asian, noodles in soup is a thing. If you like your spicy food, this is the one for you! I love the smell and kick of strong chilli, but I’m still building up my tolerance to spices and after a few bites of this stir fry, my tongue was burning and my nose running constantly.

Mango sorbet with passionfruit, coconut gel and shavings

Poached apple with honeycomb, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

The OH enjoyed his mango sorbet with coconut and passionfruit. It’s a nice and fruity combination, something I wouldn’t pick, but the chef knows what goes well together and what he likes! I like poached fruit and the simpler combination of fruit with honeycomb appealed to me. I would have preferred the apple to be cooked for a little longer (like melt-in-your-mouth soft poached pears); the apples were a bit difficult to cut with the spoon. The vanilla ice cream was lovely and, as you would expect, complimented the sweet apple, but I’m afraid the caramel had quite a strong burnt flavour which wasn’t really quite to my taste.

As before, the food was nice but given that dessert is my favourite course of the meal, on both occasions, they were a little disappointing. I definitely enjoyed the risotto bon bons a lot as well as the mushroom soup starter from the previous Vegan Night and I liked the Asian influences in the Thai curry and stir fry noodles. The poached apple and apple crumble definitely sounded lovely on the menu, but I do feel like this could be improved slightly.

Vegan Night at Bread Street Brasserie is on the first Wednesday of every month, the next one will be held on Wednesday 1st November. To look at their next menu or to make a reservation, click here or call 0131 221 5558.

Bread Street Brasserie can be found at 34 Bread Street, EH3 9AF.

Have you been to the Bread Street Brasserie for Vegan Night? Did you enjoy your meal? Any comments or feedback you’d like to share?

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