Vegan Movie Night #7: review of Hendersons of Edinburgh

Before I became vegan, if anyone asked me where vegans could go to get a bite to eat, one of the first places that would have come to mind would be Hendersons of Edinburgh. To promote the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and to also provide a social environments for vegans to mingle, I was more than happy to go to Hendersons for their Vegan Movie Night.

Established in 1962, Hendersons is one of the longest running vegetarian restaurants and now boasts of 4 store locations. What was previously the Bistro established in 1968 was changed to a fully vegan restaurant in 2015 after serving 90% vegan customers for 40 years.

The first Vegan Movie Night at Hendersons started in September 2016 and at the end of September this year, the 7th Movie Night was held at The Salad Table.

I’d visited The Salad Table restaurant once before, but there wasn’t too much choice when it came to dishes I wanted to try. I’m pleased to say this visit was a lot better, especially when it involved a screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel which I hadn’t seen before. It was a great night to be seeing a new film for the first time!

We arrived when doors opened and were treated to some informative videos from well-known vloggers and personalities on YouTube like Mic the Vegan. I liked the presentation of vegan-related videos beforehand as it informs the general public of the benefits of going vegan and the potential health risks of continuing a non-vegan diet.

On the menu was popcorn caramel milkshakes, popcorn and a choice of either hot dogs or haggis, depending on the ticket you purchase for the event.

Watching my caramel popcorn milkshake being prepared

Ready to get comfy with our milkshake, popcorn, hot dog and a good film!

Maybe it’s my overanalytical brain working in full swing, but as I watched the pre-prepared milkshake being poured into the cup, I was a bit dubious about whether it would not be quite as I expected, but was lovely and thick with a generous helping of caramel sauce and topped with plenty of popcorn. The popcorn was also lightly salted so you didn’t feel like you were gobbling it up because of the high salt content. The hot dog was also very nice, I was actually a bit concerned at how close it tasted to the non-vegan version!

I enjoyed the food and can’t wait to go back another time with friends or the OH to enjoy the food at the vegan restaurant properly. After filling my belly with lots of lovely food, I enjoyed watching The Grand Budapest Hotel which wasn’t quite my usual genre of film to watch, but I did like the interesting storyline.

I’m really disappointed to be missing it, but if you’re a Heath Ledger or Batman/Joker fan, don’t miss out on the next Vegan Movie Night at Hendersons this Sunday 15th October at 4:30pm! You can purchase tickets for the film and food of choice here.

Thank you to Vegan Edinburgh for bringing me along to Vegan Movie Night #7 and to Hendersons of Edinburgh for the food and film.

Vegan Movie Night is held at The Salad Table at 94 Hanover Street EH2 1DR, but for your nearest Hendersons restaurant in Edinburgh, click here.

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