In photos: Vegan Connections Festival 2017

Finding businesses to support when you’re vegan is made so much easier with all the festivals and markets regularly cropping up in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Vegan Connections Festival, hosted by Vegan Connections, was held at The Briggait at the heart of Glasgow in August and brought together a variety of companies, ranging from caterers, drinks to clothing, household goods and animal welfare organisations, together so new vegans can make the switch more seamlessly.

Having been vegan for 7 months when I was at the festival, I was amazed to see the range of products available. I was mainly focused on the variety of food products sold, but I also had the opportunity to chat with a few businesses about their products and to get to know their products a bit better. Below, I’ve tried to show, through photos, the amazing products we can enjoy as vegans.

Naked Bakery

Naked Bakery

Hula Juice Bar



Press Essence

Lucky Cloud Botanical Skincare

Tempehtation UK

Kombucha by Tempehtation UK

Yogi Oils

White Rabbit Skincare

Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes

Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes

Quality Vitamins & Herbs


Considerit Chocolate

Considerit Chocolate

Freddy & Hicks

Laurianne’s Raw Cakes

Big Bear Bakery

Cool Jerk Vegan Pies

FacePlant Foods

Odara Minerals



Nutcrafter Creamery


Blitz Patisserie

Blitz Patisserie

The Vegan Connections Vegan Christmas Festival (here) will also be held at The Briggait on Saturday 9th December if you’d like to do some last minute shopping before the festivities begin. Entry to the market is £3 on the door (or £2 online, subject to booking fees). There will also be a Christmas gig at Mono for £10 on the door (or £8 online, subject to booking fees) for their final party of 2017 with one of our favourite bands in Scotland, Randolph’s Leap and special guests. More details can be found on their website here.

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