Discovering a new world of luxurious fabrics from Tissura

Anyone who is experienced with sewing and dressmaking will be able to tell you that the choice of fabric for any project, whether it be a jacket, dress or curtain, is very important. Choosing a lightweight cotton fabric for curtain doesn’t help serve its purpose; using heavyweight fabric for an evening gown makes it impractical. Finding suppliers who offer a great range of beautiful fabric can also be a tricky task. Most sewers are fascinated by haute couture designs, so it’ll come as no surprise that Tissura is the company that can supply you with the same high quality luxurious fabrics, directly from the manufacturers, that premier fashion houses use.

This post is written in partnership with Tissura. I would like to say a big thank you for their support and for providing the photos for this post. Please note that copyright for all images belong to Tissura and should not be used without their prior permission.

Tissura is a network of fabric shops that has been showcasing haute couture fabrics for almost 20 years. With showrooms in Hong Kong, St Petersburg and Moscow and a reliable partner of leading French, Italian, Belgian, Austrian, Swiss and British textile manufacturers such as Sophie Hallette, Ermenegildo Zegna, Holland & Sherry and Carnet, fashion forward sewers can now also try their deft hand and creating haute couture pieces of their own.

Regardless of our personal life choices, being vegan might restrict the range of fabric available to us slightly, but there is still a whole host of other fabrics that we can still use to creat beautiful, and luxurious haute couture, garments. For example, Tissura’s exclusive haute couture and luxury fabric collections offers lots of exquisite fabrics that don’t contain any animal products, such as this botanical themed embroidered tulle fabric from their Millions of Beads collection.

If you’re as big a fan of lace as I am, you will know that finding fabric with a beautiful embroidered pattern while also keeping the design delicate and feminine can be a difficult task. I was lucky to be able to find a decent supplier for the lace I used for all three of my wedding dresses (see here) for our 2015 wedding. The supplier was kind enough to give me a decent rate for the amount of lace I purchased (I must’ve bought over 10 metres of the same lace in 3 different colours!), but the collection of bridal fabrics is also a source of inspiration if you’re planning to make your own wedding wardrobe soon!

Buying fabric online when you aren’t able to touch the quality, feel the texture and weight of the fabric or see the spread of the print,it can be difficult to know whether the choice of fabric will actually be suited to the project you’re planning on using it for. It’s also difficult to determine whether the fabric is of good enough quality or if the weave will come loose or if it will disintegrate within a short space of time. When a company has been trading in the fashion and fabric business for as long as Tissura has though, and works with renowned fabric manufacturers that supply fabric to premier fashion houses like Chanel, Dior and Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, you know you are in good hands.

I don’t always have an idea of a project in mind that I look for fabric for, sometimes the fabric finds me and ideas form in my mind about what I can make with it. A lot of the time, creativity works both ways: you might have something specific in mind, but for a lot of designers the smallest of objects can inspire an entire haute couture collection.

While browsing Tissura’s online store, there were several fabric choices that have caught my eye and I’ve listed them below.

Floral jacquard stretch cotton pique by Carnet

Winter forest cotton poplin

Luxury Whispering Flowers floral applique embroidered tulle – this would be perfect for the 3D flower dress project (see here) that I’m still planning on making sometime soon!

Luxury Whispering Flowers red floral applique embroidered on nude tulle

Malhia Kent black ethnic print cotton jacquard

Solstiss Sa traditional point d’esprit Chantilly lace

If the price of the fabric is not within your budget, range of trimmings (like their hand embroidered botanical patches made with glass beads and bugles finished with rhinestones and stacks of paillettes) are also worth considering to dress up simple fabric to turn into a glamorous party dress.

Are there any of Tissura’s range of luxury fabrics that you would like to work with? What is the haute couture one project that you would really like to make?

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