Vegan supper club review: Toasted Radish

I’ve been to 3 different supper clubs that I’m aware of in Edinburgh to date (see my previous two posts about the other two clubs here and here) and I like to leave the best, or my personal favourite, till last.

Toasted Radish is a husband and wife team that offer bespoke catering for private functions and weddings as well as hosting supper clubs at stunning venues. The vegan supper club I attended was hosted in the couple’s own home and approximately 10 guests (including myself) were seated around the table.

While the meal at Bread Street Brasserie (see my post here) was more of a regular restaurant experience and The Herbivore Supper Club (see a href=”” target=”_blank”>here) was more of an event, Toasted Radish offers a more intimate and comfortable setting for those of us who prefer smaller group settings.

As you probably know if you’ve been following my blog for a while (or get a sense of what I like – and don’t like – from my posts), I’m very much an introvert and like to socialise one to one, or to a few people maximum at a time. Big group settings make me nervous and I don’t find approaching groups of people to introduce myself at parties or big social events easy to navigate. Luckily when I arrived, Roly and his wife were very kind and welcoming when I walked through the door and was met with a few supper club attendees who were already there. Between the 4 of us, we were able to start up a good conversation about all things before the rest of the party arrived.

Once the whole party arrived by the designated time, Roly came through to talk us through the courses and what to expect. Each course was served quite swiftly afterwards.

Beetroot, dill, cumin and orange soup

The soup itself was lovely, it wasn’t too much but enough to give you a taste of what’s to come. I was somehow expecting it to be a cold soup, but was surprised to find it nice and warm. The beetroot gives a sweet and slight tangy flavour of the orange. When combined with the dill and cumin, it’s a wonderful combination of flavours that whets the appetite for the other courses still to come.

Asparagus with wild garlic and white bean hummus, spring onion and hazelnut pesto

I must admit, I didn’t use to like it when I was younger, but now that I’m older I have a greater appreciation for and now absolutely love asparagus! The wild garlic and white bean hummus was lovely (you’ll never hear me complaining about anything with garlic in it!) with the sweet flavour of the asparagus and the spring onion gives it a bit of a kick to enhance the flavour. If you know your pesto, you’ll know that usually it’s pine nuts that get used in commercially bought (and for most homemade recipes). With hazelnut pesto (my favourite nut), I got a lovely familiar nutty flavour with the kick of spring onion and hint of wild garlic with slight sweetness of asparagus.

Carrot risotto

This has to be my favourite dish of all time! Roly and his wife came in with each course and Roly would give us a description of what was put into the dish. With the risotto, we were served a crisp carrot slice on a bed of risotto…cooked in carrot stock! I’ve used vegetable stock in a lot of my dishes, but never really thought that it was possible to make stock from carrots. The stock obviously gave the risotto a lovely sweet flavour of carrots, giving the dish a very flavoursome taste of a very familiar orange-coloured vegetable.

Poached pears, granola and chocolate sorbet

I love pears but I wasn’t quite sure what to think about granola (which I mainly associate with breakfast) being used as part of a dessert dish. The chocolate sorbet was lovely, you wouldn’t even know it was a sorbet it’s so creamy and melts in your mouth. The poached pear was lovely, soft and sweet, just as I expected it to be and it contrasts nicely with the crunchy texture of the homemade granola. The great thing about granola is that it uses a sweet syrup to bind it together to give you a sweet taste and crunch unlike muesli which is usually rolled oats mixed with dried fruit. The sweet taste of the pear, granola and sorbet really complemented each other nicely without filling you up too much.

Homemade berry jelly squares made with fruit from the mother-in-law’s garden

For petit fours, Roly had made jelly squares using fruit from his mother-in-law’s garden. The jelly was slightly tart but was lovely and sweet. I wasn’t sure I would actually like it at first but I really enjoyed it. I believe it also had a hint of rose in it which brought the aromatic flavour of the berries to the forefront. It was a nice dish to have with a cup of mint tea or black tea with soy milk.

All in all, my supper club experience with Toasted Radish is probably my favourite out of all 3 supper clubs I’ve attended. Mainly because I prefer the more intimate setting of having a 5-course meal cooked for you and served at the chef’s own home. While the dining experience at Bread Street Brasserie was familiar, it was no different from dining at a restaurant and the party-sized event by The Herbivore Supper Club, while great food was served, was maybe a bit too big for my tastes. It could be an entirely different experience now that they will be hosting their supper clubs at their newly opened cafe on South Clerk Street, but I enjoyed the intimate and friendly experience offered by Toasted Radish.

They haven’t got any vegan supper clubs lined up just yet, but you can keep an eye on upcoming events by regularly checking their website (here).

Have you attended any of the vegan supper clubs in Edinburgh? Which was your favourite? Are there any other supper clubs that you think I’ve missed and should give a go? Do let me know in the comments below!

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