Leith Vegan Quarter: monthly vegan farmer’s market

There are plenty of farmers markets held all over Edinburgh: there is the farmer’s market held every Saturday on Castle Terrace, and you’ve also got markets held by the same organisers in Fountainbridge on Friday, Grassmarket and Leith on Saturdays, and Stockbridge on Sundays (see here for further information and stalls who will be there).

I had heard about the monthly Leith Vegan Quarter, where the first Saturday market of every month is dedicated to hosting a majority of vegan stalls, but seem to always remember it when it’s finished. The OH and I had made plans to meet friends and finally made it to the one in July and I wasn’t disappointed.

I knew beforehand that the whole market wasn’t going to be solely vegan. The vegan community is still thriving and to show there is a demand for vegan products, we need to keep supporting local businesses. A lot of omni (meat and seafood restaurants and establishments) now recognise the need for vegan options and have been very accommodating and in this sense, showing up to the Vegan Quarter and supporting these businesses by buying their vegan products also helps boost the idea that we deserve to also be given lots of variety.

Having said that, I was probably more excited than my friends or the OH. Granted, none of the others were vegan, but they were still interested in what the stalls had to offer.To give you an idea of how excited I was, I had already filled up the canvas shopping bag I had brought with me full of yummy goodies within 10 minutes of arriving at the market!

When you think of farmer’s markets, you mostly get fresh fruit and vegetables, but the Vegan Quarter was a chance to showcase lots of different establishments and the wonderful food among other products on offer! I’ve tried to take as many good photos as I could, but I might have gotten easily distracted by the next stall and didn’t check the quality of the photo before I moved on, so there aren’t as many photos of each stall as I would like!

Chocolate bars and doughnuts by Considerit Chocolate

The Herbivore Kitchen

Lovely vegan cakes and salads from Casa Angelina

Mushroom, tarragon and bulgar wheat salad from Casa Angelina

Delicious vegetarian and vegan offerings from Grumpy Food

Lovely smelling African dishes from Knight’s Kitchen

Fresh organic fruit and vegetables grown by Phantassie Organic Produce from East Linton

The Bearded Barrista was serving hot drinks with a variety of plant-based milks!

Fry’s Coconut Island snack bars

Greatfull pulled jackfruit – they make their own special BBQ sauce with blueberries and other wonderful ingredients in it on the morning of the market!

Now that I’ve shown you all the wonderful stalls that were at the market, I can show you just how excited I was and my loot!

Delicious tempeh summer rolls with red peppers from Tempehtation UK

A mixed salad box with 2 of their salads: mushroom, tarragon and bulgar wheat; potatoes, capers, herbs and mustard; and beets, seeds, ginger and black rice (I wanted to also try their broccoli, quinoa and peanut salad but it was already sold out)

Our friends had got Kenyan samosas from Knight’s Kitchen (not pictured) and the rice, almond, barberry, mixed veg and agave nectar salad with the courgette, onion, turmeric, sunflower seed and barberry kuku from Grumpy Foods

Here’s the bounty we went home with!

Two brownie selection boxes and a single box of 2 brownies from The Herbivore Kitchen; cherries, onions and potatoes from Phantassie; and two jars of BBQ pulled jackfruit from Greatfull.

I can’t wait to see what the Vegan Quarter on Saturday 5th August will have in store. The market is set to start at 10:00am and will keep going till 5:00pm, but best to get their early before the stalls sell out all their goodies. Sgaia’s Vegan Meats will also be there with their vegan burgers for a lovely vegan BBQ! Are you excited yet?

To find out more about the August Leith Vegan Quarter and which stalls will be setting up, head over to their Facebook events page here.

7 thoughts on “Leith Vegan Quarter: monthly vegan farmer’s market

      1. Aaaahh omg this is definitely on my list of places to visit, thank You for sharing this! ✨

      2. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I do try and write reviews of vegan options on offer (here in Edinburgh and abroad when I travel) once I’ve been, but also check out Vegan Edinburgh too, they have lots of reviews and suggestions too πŸ™‚ http://veganedinburgh.com/

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