My favourite vegan surprise: review of TheVeganKind subscription box

I had been given a themed subscription box before as a birthday present and also subscribed for a short time to a beauty subscription box, but never ended up keeping them for long. I can be quite pernickety and trying to use all the products in the box was something I found difficult. At the time I subscribed to the beauty box, I was looking to be introduced to more products and brands I might not have been aware of, but I don’t use too much makeup and a lot of the products in the box ended up not being something I really was looking for.

When I became vegan, I was tempted by the thought of getting monthly vegan boxes in the post. TheVeganKind offers two different kind of boxes: the monthly Lifestyle Box where you receive between 5 to 8 food and lifestyle cruelty free, vegan products (worldwide delivery available); or the Beauty Box which offers a mix of skin care, cosmetics and beauty products delivered every 3 months (UK delivery only).

Given my past experience with another beauty box, I didn’t want to take the chance that I would be struggling to use all the beauty and skin care products, I decided to go with the Lifestyle Box.

At only £10 + P&P a month, it’s quite a good bargain! Quite a lot of the products I’ve received in the boxes so far have been absolutely amazing! I may be quite a picky person with what I choose to eat, but since becoming vegan I’ve been more open to trying a variety of things, but there are some products like the Rebel Kitchen Mylk I got in one box that I still can’t bring myself to try, so I gave it to the OH instead. To be honest though, this has been a few and far between occurrence and I’ve kept almost all of the goodies to myself!

My first TheVeganKind Lifestyle box

You get a variety of different products in each box and you never know what you’re going to get. In the first box I was a bit unsure about quite a few of the products and gave most of it to the OH. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep the subscription, but depending on what the contents in the next box was like, I would make a decision then. The second box completely blew my mind.

At one point when I thought I had missed out on the Candy Kittens Hello Kitty Sour Apple sweets which I thought was part of a previous box. I tried searching high and low for it to no avail. Luckily the box with the Candy Kittens sweets arrived a few days later. It turned out those sweets weren’t yet available in their online store to the general public, so we got our hands on the exclusive first batch before everyone else (you can get them now here)! I love Hello Kitty and couldn’t help myself from buying a case of them to keep here.

TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box #41

Speaking of coming out from behind my comfort zone, I’ve always been a bit funny about jelly beans and sweets and usually only like the berry flavoured ones, but these YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans from my first subscription box were so good, even the citrus flavoured ones tasted so natural and not overly sweet and artificial that I found myself eating as much of the bag as my OH! Also the lentil crisps from the second box were so good, you would never have thought they were made from lentils at all. The Quinola express chickpea and quinoa bag was also the first time I’d tried quinoa and it made for a lovely warm salad for dinner one night!

YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans

Simply7 lentil crisps

By the time box 42 came along, let’s just say I was waiting impatiently like a child at Christmas time for it to arrive! TheVeganKind aims to get boxes out at the start of the month, so when it was almost towards the end of the first week of the month, I was desperate for my box to arrive so I could see what else we were going to get.

TheVeganKind box #42 filled with more amazing goodies!

The other great thing TheVeganKind offers is their shop full of vegan-friendly snacks, chilled foods and home supplies.

My first TheVeganKind shop haul, including crisps from Ten Acre

Now I look forward to the start of every month because it’s like opening a monthly vegan celebration gift since I made the decision to go vegan at the start of the year! It’s also great being able to shop hard to find brands and products that I can’t readily get from my local supermarkets. Where else would you be able to find MozzaRisella vegan mozzarella or peanut butter corn puffs, Ten Acre crisps and vegan jerky?

Not only that, but I’ve heard so much of the Vego bar with whole hazelnuts, it’s one product that’s constantly out of stock. I’m not a big fan of whole nuts in my chocolate, so imagine my delight when I found TheVeganKind also stock Vegolinos – mini vegan Lindor bars!

Heaven in a mini chocolate bar, the Vegolino

Sweet treats and marinated Taifun tofu also available from their shop

All items from their shop are posted from their warehouse in Glasgow with standard delivery, but if you order chilled products with your order, this will be delivered to your UK address by the next day.

Do you have a favourite vegan subscription box?


4 thoughts on “My favourite vegan surprise: review of TheVeganKind subscription box

  1. Great blog and review! I review the box on my website as well. I also started with this subscription box after going vegan, Like you, I have had bad experiences with beauty boxes so I’ve avoided The Vegan Kind one so far. I think eventually I’m likely to get it though as I have been very impressed with the service and products so far. Do you buy from there shop at all? It’s amazing 😀

    1. Thank you 🙂 I do buy from their shop regularly but I try to also buy from other independent businesses I know as well to make sure everyone is supported! I haven’t got TheVeganKind beauty box only because I don’t get through beauty stuff as quickly, but I imagine they’ll offer great products for a quarterly box!

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