Party of a lifetime! Blogger cocktail masterclass at Revolution Bar

What happens when you put several bloggers together for a masterclass at a bar? A lot of hilarity, bonding and lots of booze getting shaken, not stirred!

Several Edinburgh bloggers and I recently attended a blogger cocktail masterclass event at Revolution on Chambers Street and we weren’t sure what to expect. Rosie, our host of the evening, was very friendly and welcoming and explained it was going to be an evening of getting to know each other better (since we all knew each other already) and it would involve drinking games. I’m not a big drinker at all and the rest of the ladies were also a bit unsure of how the evening was going to go. To say the least, we were all expecting it to be an evening full of confusion, lots of alcohol, but most importantly, fun.

Revolution has been around for a while but in the last few years had a makeover. Instead of being known previously for their vodka (previously the bar was called Vodka Revolution), the bar now has a lot more variety of spirits and liqueurs than just vodka to offer. I dined at Revolution not too long ago (see my previous post here) where we sat upstairs. This time, we were taken to the bar area downstairs.

Once we were seated at the bar, Rosie taught us the basics of making a cocktail that we were asked to very loudly repeat: mix it, shake it, spank it, pour it. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the other guests who were in the other downstairs section thought we were already drunk!

We then started first game so we knew the rules. In front of each of us was a frappe cup of their bubblegum daiquiri with the lids off and flying saucers. When Rosie shouted go, we were to put the flying saucers in the cup, with the lid on and straw in.

My first drinking game: putting together the bubblegum daiquiri

Whoever won got to drink the white chocolate shot; the loser got the XXX Chilli shot. Luckily I wasn’t the winner or the last one to finish, but given that I did end up getting the chilli shot during a cocktail demo later on, I learned not to shout too quickly unless I knew the answer. When you’re vegan and the white chocolate shot isn’t an option, the chilli shot is the only choice you’ve got. It went down nicely, but the afterburn can be quite brutal if you’re not used to hot spice!

XXX Chilli, one of Revolution Bars’ 30 different shots

Next, Rosie showed how to make a mojito, a cosmopolitan and Tom Collins which was interesting to watch. I did learn from watching the demos that the shot measure has a very clever design to it: the bigger side measures a full shot while the smaller bottom measures a half shot! There’s also a technique to shaking your cocktail: you have to tilt the tumbler at an angle before slapping the bottom on tight to the pint glass to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. Slapping the side of the glass to loosen it after isn’t as easy as it looks either!

The mojito

Making the cosmopolitan

Two Tom Collins

We were given the drinks to share, but I wasn’t planning on drinking too much too soon knowing there was more to the evening than just cocktail demos! After that, we were all given a menu each so we could make our own cocktails of choice! Everyone picked a different cocktail and it was interesting to see what each person chose.

Non-alcoholic Fizzy Fruit Salad

I was very pleased with my Strawberry Spritz with Ketel One vodka, Strawberry Revolution Handcrafted Flavour, Aperol, lemon purée, apple juice and strawberry jam

Pornstar Martini

Poppin’ Espresso Martini

After getting to enjoy our drinks for a little while, we were then split into teams where I somehow managed to volunteer myself as one of the two team leaders. We were tasked to down a shot as quickly as we could…with our hands behind our backs. This would determine which team would go first (the team that lost).

I’m not sure if I should be proud to say in the time it took for this part of the evening to be explained, I managed to work it out in my head how I was going to approach the task, but without trying I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but luckily it did! The next game involved a cocktail relay where each team member had to be behind the bar and complete one step before going back to their team at the end of the bar for the next team member to perform the next step. At the very end, two members of the team must drink the cocktail as quickly as possible and let’s just say, it wasn’t just a brain freeze that most of us finished the night with, especially when we had a kind of shooter bomb type drink afterwards as well!

When the evening was over, the staff kindly brought us nibbles and made us vegan nachos as well to fill our tummies before we left for the night. We had a great evening chatting in the upstairs bar area and getting to know each other better.

A selection of nibbles were brought to our table, the sweet potato fries were luckily vegan

The staff was kind enough to bring vegan nachos to our table as well!

The evening was lots of fun and I honestly think it’s a great evening for a special birthday party, hen or stag do, or for any groups that are looking for a bit of fun and bonding time if you don’t know each other too well! To find out more about how to book your own cocktail masterclass party, go here.

I would like to say a big thank you to Revolution Edinburgh for hosting our blogger event and to Rosie for a fantastic and fun evening for all of us Edinburgh bloggers!

Revolution Edinburgh is at 30a Chambers Street, EH1 1HU. You can book a party here or book a table here.

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