Vegan sweet tooth: chocolate peanut butter pinwheel recipe

A common misconception about being vegan is that we only eat vegetables. You would be wrong if you thought that. Being vegan doesn’t mean eating unappetising salads and raw vegetables all the time. Once I started looking into what it means to be vegan and if you search #whatveganseat you’ll find there are a lot of amazing food that we do eat!

You do eat healthier because you’re eating a lot more plant based products and less processed foods, but as I mentioned in my first post about Veganuary (see here), there are also a lot of sweet stuff we can eat as well, like ice cream! The other thing I’ve also come to learn is how easy it is to substitute non-vegan ingredients in recipes for vegan substitutes. This is exactly what I’ve done with a recipe from The Recipe Rebel here for chocolate peanut butter pinwheels.

The only ingredient in the above recipe that isn’t vegan is sweetened condensed milk but there is a wealth of information out there in the trusty ol’ World Wide Web where you will find someone will have already come across the same issue and posted their knowledge online for your information. Using this recipe here from Go Dairy Free, I managed to make my own vegan sweetened condensed milk using soy milk.

My homemade vegan sweetened condensed milk

You’ll find that it’s not as thick as store bought, cow’s mil sweetened condensed milk from the tin, but it works just as well.

Below is my own recipe as I’ve made a few tweaks to the original chocolate peanut butter pinwheel and vegan sweetened condensed milk recipes, but the taste is just as good. Although the recipe is chocolate and peanut butter flavoured, you can really make any combination of two flavours as you please as long as the ingredient can be melted and mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

This recipe is vegan-friendly, but if you’re not a vegan and are vegetarian or would prefer to use store bought ingredients, you’re welcome to use a tin of sweetened condensed milk and ingredients of your own choice to change the flavour of your pinwheel. You’ll want to make sure that you use approximately the same weight of paste and dry ingredients if you’re replacing either the peanut butter or chocolate respectively. To reduce the cooking time for this recipe, I would also suggest preparing your sweetened condensed milk in advance as this can take a while.

Chocolate peanut butter pinwheels

Makes approximately 24-30

Vegan sweetened condensed milk – makes 2 cups
6 cups soy or rice milk
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

2 cups vegan sweetened condensed milk, above (or a 14oz tin of sweetened condensed milk)
340g peanut butter (I bought a tub of Sainsbury own brand)
200g Belgian dark chocolate

1. To prepare the sweetened condensed milk, pour the milk and sugar in a pan and stir regularly over medium to low heat to prevent the sugar from burning. You want the volume of milk to reduce by a third so you end up with 2 cups, so keep it at medium heat as much as possible to reduce cooking time. The milk will bubble up and may overflow, so you’ll need to adjust the heat accordingly. Depending on how high your heat is, this part can take between 30-45 minutes.

2. Prepare a baking tin by lining it with baking paper.

3. In a small pan over low heat, add half of the sweetened condensed milk with the peanut butter. Stir regularly until the ingredients are well mixed and you have a thick and runny mixture.

4. Poor the peanut butter mixture into the lined baking pan and spread evenly.

5. In a small pan over low heat, add the remaining sweetened condensed milk and the chocolate and mix well until you get a melted chocolate consistency.

Your melted chocolate should look something like this

6. Carefully pour the chocolate mixture on top of the peanut butter layer and spread evenly.

7. Pop the tray into the fridge to chill for about 15-30 minutes. When you touch the chocolate layer, this should still be soft to the touch, but not stick to your finger. If needed, chill for a little longer.

8. On a flat surface, lay out cling film which you will need for the next part.

9. Carefully remove from the baking tray by lifting the baking paper and check that the chocolate and peanut butter layers have settled. You can do this by peeling back the baking paper on the edges, the chocolate should not stick overly to the baking paper. If it does, put it back in the fridge to chill for a little longer.

10. On the long side and using the baking paper for support, slowly curl the edge tightly over as if you’re making a Swiss roll. The peanut butter layer should now lay or meet the chocolate layer.

Lift the baking paper at a 45 degree angle to help unstick the peanut butter layer and fold over the chocolate layer

Use your fingers and carefully tuck in the edge as tightly as possible.

11. If the peanut butter layer is sticking to the baking paper, you can use the flat edge of the knife to scrap off excess and flatten the peanut buter layer so it’s smooth.

12. Continue rolling until you reach the end and transfer to the cling film.

13. Now tightly roll up the pinwheel in cling film and place carefully back onto the baking tray and put back in the fridge to set. This could take a couple of hours, but I would suggest leaving it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve either the same or next day.

Probably not the best looking roll, but a sight better than my first attempt!

13. When it’s firm, cut the roll into thin slices and serve!

There you have it! I love a good chocolate and nut butter combination, peanut or hazelnut ice creams or butters are my favourite.

What is your favourite flavour combination?

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