Vegan sushi dinner! Make your own nak’d sushi bowl for dinner

The fun of cooking your own meals at home is experimenting with recipes. I’ve been searching for vegan recipes to cook meals for the OH and I since I feel a bit out of my depth with cooking vegan meals. Just to clarify, I’ve signed up to Veganuary to eat vegan for a month (I’m now on my 16th day!), but the OH is still an omnivore (he unfortunately doesn’t believe in supporting veganism). He is however being the ever supportive husband in that he’ll eat vegan when we’re cooking together at home, but I don’t have a problem with him eating meat and animal products (like cheese and dairy) when we’re eating out or when he’s cooking/eating himself.

One of the recipes I found was on the Veganuary website here for a nak’d sushi bowl. I’ve always had sashimi (raw fish) with my sushi, so I was excited to be able to prepare a sushi type dish for a vegan meal at home!

A nak’d sushi bowl is quite similar to a Buddha Bowl in that it is filled with veg on a bed of rice, the only difference is you build your bowl with what you would want in your sushi in mind and add some nori (Japanese dried seaweed sheets)! This is a quick and simple way of preparing a meal and the best thing is, you can get everyone involved with putting together their own bowls how they like it.

I wanted to give the bowl a bit of an interesting flavour, so I got a tin of mock duck to go with our veg. It’s basically fried gluten made from soy bean and you can get it from almost all Chinese supermarkets. I got this tin from the one on South Clerk Street in Edinburgh and they also have tins of mock chicken too, also made from fried gluten.

Nak’d Sushi Bowl

Serves 2

2 cups of rice
Your choice of veg (we got closed cup mushrooms, avocado, carrots, baby sweetcorn and mock duck)
Nori sheets (you can get this easily from Chinese supermarket shops)
Soy sauce (optional)

1. The rice takes the longest so cook this first. I like to use my trusty rice cooker and this usually takes 30 minutes for it to be ready.

2. Next, slice the vegetables you intend to eat raw/cold.

3. For the vegetables that need cooked, heat these up.

4. Once the rice is ready, dish this up in bowls or plates of your choice.

5. Now arrange the vegetables on the bed of rice as you wish, add the nori sheets as garnish and pour a small amount of soy sauce on top of the rice and serve!

My favourite recipes are those that don’t take too long to prepare. The OH was very happy to be able to arrange his own bowl (top one in the above photo) and each person’s own creativity really shines through. It’s interesting to see how each person likes to set up their own bowls and what ingredients you decide to put in it.

Have you made your own sushi/Buddha bowls? What ingredients did you add to yours?

2 thoughts on “Vegan sushi dinner! Make your own nak’d sushi bowl for dinner

    1. Thank you 🙂 I only bought mock duck to give the omni OH a bit of a change. Also I wanted to make it a bit more exciting than the cold raw veg we mostly had. When cold from the tin, it tastes (and looks) like duck, I’ve only been vegan for 16 days and the thought of eating meat makes me ill, so I was worried about it, but it does taste alright! If you have any Chinese supermarkets near you, they should usually stock tins of mock duck and chicken! x

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