Burgers for vegans and meat-eating friends: Handmade Burger Co

When I visited Handmade Burger Co with the OH and friends at the end of December, I had only decided the day before to go vegan for Veganuary. We had made plans to go out with our friends and unknowingly, this was going to be my last meat-eating meal out. All hope is not lost though, because Handmade Burger Co is also vegan-friendly!

I’ve got friends who have been vegan for years and I’ve always been keeping an eye out for restaurants and eateries that serve vegan food. One thing that has always bothered me just that tiny little bit is that you can’t really go to a burger joint with vegetarian or vegan friends. How awkward would it be for you to be biting into that juicy burger when your vegetarian or vegan friends can’t eat it? Luckily, Handmade Burger Co is one of the supporting restaurants in Veganuary (see here) and vegans can happily visit and eat alongside their omnivore friends!

Handmade Burger Co in Edinburgh is on the second floor of Ocean Terminal and happily accommodates families with children. It’s kind of like Nando’s where you’re seated and peruse the menu before going up to the cashier’s desk to place your order (don’t forget to note your table number as you will need it). It will then be brought to your table by a member of waiting staff when it’s ready. If you’re seated next to their floor to ceiling windows, you’ll also get a great view of the shoREline with a glimpse of the Royal Britannia.

The restaurant is all about creating burgers using the freshest ingredients. All burgers are, as the name suggests, handmade on site, so if you want to alter any of their items on the menu in any way, just ask! The staff are also quite aware of dietary requirements, so you don’t need to worry too much about having to explain what you can and can’t eat. You can even get vegan-friendly milkshakes as they can substitute dairy for soy milk and ice cream!

The OH’s strawberry milkshake (top) and my dairy-free Oreo milkshake with soy milk and ice cream

This was taken before I started doing Veganuary, so this is quite a meat-heavy post, I’m afraid

Buffalo wings

Peri peri chicken burger (the chicken here is halal)

Buffalo chicken burger

Vegan Veg-Mex burger with sweet potato fries

Out of 40 choices of burgers, there are 4 vegan burgers available which I would say isn’t bad at all. I’m sometimes disappointed to find restaurants offer a whole lot of choice for omnivores, but have one vegetable main. There are vegan options for almost any course and drink you choose, so don’t feel as if you have to restrict yourself to just having a main course.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the vegan burger on this visit but the OH (who is an omnivore and is being very supportive and eating vegan with me for Veganuary!) loved the Veg-Mex burger very much.

I’m looking forward to going back so I can try the vegan burgers myself. Don’t forget, if you visit Handmade Burger Co in the month of January, be sure to either print off (or have it open on your phone browser here) to get 50% off your vegan food bill!

Handmade Burger Co is on the second floor of Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, EH6 6JJ and are open from 12:00pm to 10:00pm (Monday to Friday), and from 11:00am till 10:30pm (Saturday) and 10:00pm (Sunday). You can book a table online (here) or call 0131 561 8253.


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