Discovering green, ethical and cruetly free cleaning: ecoegg Laundry Eggs

The OH and I had watched several videos and read blog posts and articles on the ecoegg Laundry Eggs. I wasn’t sure how to replace common household items with cruelty free alternatives, but when we came across these eggs, we thought they were worth a try. The only thing the OH can’t fathom is how the eggs work and how they stop producing froth with cleaning agents during the rinse cycle. There was only one way for us to find out.

Supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society, the Laundry Egg is dermatologically tested and perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Depending on whether you like a mild fragrance to your freshly washed laundry or no fragrance at all, you can choose from 3 fragrance options (Fragrance Free, Soft Cotton and Spring Blossom) and 3 sizes (54, 210 or 720 washes). I like a bit of fragrance to my clean clothes so got one of the Soft Cotton and one of Spring Blossom.

I’ve been using the 210 wash Spring Blossom egg for a few months now and can honestly say the fragrance to the laundry isn’t very strong. It’s a light and soft smell that you can sniff on the packaging. The smell on your washed clothes will be slightly less perceptible, depending on the volume of your load.

In your 210 wash Laundry Egg package, you should receive:

  • 1 Laundry Egg shell
  • 1 packet of black ceramic tourmaline pellets
  • 5 packets of white mineral pellets

The Laundry Egg is hypoallergenic which means it is safe for use with babies or those with sensitive skin. The pellets do not contain any harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, bleaches, optimisers or ammonias that normal detergents contain. It can also be safely used with all cycles on the machine, although it is recommended the Egg is not used for cycles at 60°C as this can shorten the life cycle of your pellets. The Egg is

The Egg works through the combination of the black and white pellets provided in your pack. The black ceramic tourmaline pellets work to weaken adhesive forces between the dirt and fabric while the white mineral pellets naturally ionise oxygen molecules in water which gets right into the fabric to lift any dirt and grime. ecoegg have conducted their own scientific testing (see here) which showed the combination of the two pellets provide optimum cleaning results. The ionised oxygen molecules also increases the pH of the water which has a natural softening effect on laundry so fabric softener is not needed.

Before you start, make sure you read the instructions carefully. I believe with the different sizes of the eggs, you’ll need to fill it with different proportions of pellets. For the 210 wash egg, I was asked to fill the shell with one packet black ceramic tourmaline pellet and 3 packets of white mineral pellets – the other two packets are given to you to keep as spares for when you need to refill your egg.

The lock mechanism on the top and bottom halves of the shell were a bit fiddly to open and close in the beginning, but the instructions booklet is quite clear and simple to follow. It just requires a few practices to get used to how to open and close the egg.

Once you’ve filled up the egg (due to the volume of pellets you need to put in the egg, I filled them into the top half which was bigger), you simply chuck the egg in the drum with your load of laundry. You don’t even need to add any fabric softener or any other detergent!

The egg, for me, has worked really well and I can’t tell you how, but you honestly don’t open your washing machine to find clothes full of suds – they are perfectly clean and as they should be! The only thing is if you’ve got clothes with stubborn stains, the Laundry Egg can’t remove those so you’re best to use a stain remover on your piece of laundry before you put it in the machine (ecoegg does a Eco Stain Remover for £3.99, or a smaller on the go size for £2.99).

As an eco-friendly product, you won’t even need to buy a new pack when you run out of pellets! All you need to do is purchase their refill pack (see here) which will give you enough to last you 210 washes.

We’ve also been using their Detox Tablets which gives the drum of your washing machine a deep clean to remove limescale and soap scum build ups, and removes odours. Both products have been really effective with our laundry and I’m really thinking about trying their Eco Stain Remover next.

You can also watch reviews from other users of the Laundry Egg here and here.

I purchased my ecoegg Laundry Egg and Detox Tablets from here, or you can also purchase products from the ecoegg website (here) directly .

If you’ve used any of the ecoegg products, I would like to hear from you! Has your ecoegg product worked well for you as an alternative to supermarket brand household products? What are your thoughts on them?

The purchase review of the ecoegg Laundry Egg and Detox Tablets are my own opinion and has not been endorsed by any company or sponsors in any way. Where I have been endorsed or sponsored to review a product, this will be clearly stated in my post.

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