Discovering local Scottish craft talent: Craft Scotland Summer Show 2016

Running for its fourth year, Craft Scotland Summer Show has set up shop right in the centre of town so visitors and Edinburgh residents alike can sample the beautiful crafts made by Scotland’s finest talents. Featuring 31 makers’ crafts, visitors can browse beautiful paper homeware, sterling silver jewellery with other unique materials (like elastic or bone), textiles and more.

I’ve attended one of their Meet Your Maker events a couple years ago at Dovecot Studios and I enjoyed it very much. Craft Scotland invited several Edinburgh bloggers and myself to preview the handmade crafts from each designer where we were also got stuck into creating our own craft projects.

In the evening, we were given exclusive access to the second floor space of White Stuff on George Street where we were able to view the wonderful assortment of crafts ranging from materials such as treated paper products by Mairita Jonikane of Warm Grey, to hand-dyed and knitted elastic and sterling silver jewellery by Gilly Langton and sterling silver and bone jewellery by Kelly Munro to versatile sustainable wood lighting by Yellow Broom.

On the night, we were also able to chat with a few of the designers who told us about their craft and we were also given a brief introduction to various other designers’ pieces by Jo Scott, Project Manager at Craft Scotland. It was interesting to learn about digital printing on textiles from Niki Fulton of unifiedspace.

Paper crafts by Mairita Jonikane of Warm Grey

Scarves, tote bags and clothing by Kirsteen Stewart

Bead baskets by Sarah-Jane Brand of Hejsan Goods

Digitally printed textile accessories by Niki Fulton of unifiedspace

Lighting made using sustainable wood by Yellow Broom

Layered glaze and matte ceramics by Clare Dawdry of We Make Pots

Hand-dyed elastic with sterling silver jewellery by Gilly Langton

Miniature and vintage jewellery by Grainne Morton

Scarves by Fiona McIntosh of Tessuti

Gavin Burnett Ceramics applies traditional glass cutting technique ‘battuto’ to create a highly textured, tactile surface on porcelain

Beautiful woven home accessories by Chantal Allen of Warped Textiles

After browsing the various displays set up for each designer, we were invited to a table which was already set up with extravagant looking statement necklaces. Here, Gilly Langton taught us how to finger knit elastic to make our own statement necklaces. I was delighted to find how similar it is to knitting, but this time all you need is a spool of elastic, a pen and your finger.

Finger knitting elastic jewellery with Gilly Langton

We were also invited to create our own mood boards with Kirsteen Stewart who uses these a lot in her designing process for her beautiful pieces (I’m still thinking about the black, white and grey tote bag of the skies which is front and centre in my photo above. It is reasonably priced at £18 with leather handles and printed canvas). I’m embarrassed to say that in my 3 years of dressmaking, I’ve never made a single mood board, but I can imagine if you’re trying to plan a collection and making sure all items come together in a cohesive manner as Kirsteen does, these boards will come in really handy.

Can’t say that my first attempt is the greatest (our aim was to create a mood board with the theme of ‘pattern clashing’), but it definitely appealed the perfectionist side of me by grouping colours, textures and patterns together!

My first attempt at a mood board

I was really enjoying our wee finger knitting project and still have an entire spool of elastic to knit and play with to create my own knitted elastic statement necklace, and I’m really happy with all the goodies we received in our goodie bag which included earrings from Gilly Langton (below), cufflinks from Warped Textiles and biscuits from The Biscuit Factory.

Earrings in our goodie bag from Gilly Langton

The wee one checking out what I got in my goodie bag which included Gilly Langton earrings, Warped Textiles cufflinks and a printed greeting card from Ellie Hodesdon East End Press.

If you’d like to have a chat with the designers and learn more about their crafts, have a look at the various Meet Your Maker events which can be found here.

Craft Scotland Summer Show is located on the second floor of White Stuff on 89 George Street, EH2 3ES and is available to the public until 28th August. Visit the show between Monday to Wednesday, Fri and Sat between 11:00am and 6:00pm; till 7:00pm on Thursdays; and between 12:00pm and 5:00pm on Sundays.

A big thank you to the team at Craft Scotland for the event and White Stuff for having us!

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