Fresh start to 2016!

Hope you’ve all had a nice time with family and friends over Christmas and Hogmanay in 2015 and are feeling fresh and raring to go in 2016! It’s now the 4th day of the new year and I’m still in holiday mode. Really not looking forward to going back to work!

2015 has been such a big year for me, for various reasons:

1. We spent 2 and a half years planning the wedding – not that it took that much time really, but I wanted all the details we could get organised already out the way – and 9 months of last year sewing for the wedding. In total, I only spent about 60-some hours sewing, but between fittings, sewing and work, I didn’t have as much time as I’d like to get it all done. The wedding was probably one of

2. In April 2015, I managed to complete 2 fundraising challenges within 3 days: the CHAS skydive (which was one of my bucketlist activities, what better way to do it than for charity?) and my second 3-hour Combatathon.

3. There was the box pleated dress I managed to sew for a friend’s wedding that I was really pleased with.

4. Last but not least, I took the plunge after growing my hair out for 3 years for the wedding to chop it all off and donated my hair to a children’s charity for boys and girls undergoing cancer treatment.

I’ve also been fortunate to be invited to quite a few local blogger events which have been very interesting to say the least and I’ve also been meeting a few new bloggers on the way!

So what do I hope to achieve in 2016?

1. Further reduce sugar and dairy intake cravings. I’ve been doing better with reducing my sugar and dairy intake in the last year, but it can still be improved. Sometimes my cravings for sugar and dairy products (like cheese and ice cream which are the hardest) has gotten the better of me and I preferred to suffer the consequences to not eating them at all.

2. Be inspired to sew more and try to get back into my jewellery making. I’ve still got a few jewellery projects that I promised family and friends I’d make so there’s a bit of a backlog I need to try and get stuck into. There are also dressmaking projects I was ambitiously hoping to finish by the end of 2015 that didn’t happen, so I’m looking forward to working on those.

3. Continue building my fitness levels. There’s a misconception that I attend fitness classes because I feel the need to compete with others. I’m a competitive person by nature, but your fitness can always be improved. Staying stagnant with the weights you’re working with doesn’t push your muscles harder if you don’t feel like you’re breaking out a sweat. I feel the need to improve my fitness levels because I feel like I haven’t been making any progress with my weights in Pump. I’ve been juggling the idea of upgrading my membership and there’s a Hatton Boxing Circuit class at another Edinburgh Leisure gym that sounds like it’d be right up my alley, so I’d like to see what that’s like.

4. Give back to the community and to charity. Giving back isn’t always about donating money or to causes. It’s about doing something that gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve shown someone you know, or a stranger on the streets, a random act of kindness that helps make their day seem a little brighter. It can also be about doing something big, like attending an organised event, to contribute raised funds towards a charity or organisation. I’ve set a precedent for myself and I intend on continuing to give back any way I can.

5. Continue bringing you, readers and bloggers, tutorials, reviews and other interesting posts. Other bloggers will be well aware that blogging, when it’s a hobby and not your full time job, can take up quite a lot of time and effort when you’re already working 35+ hours a week. I’m quite a hermit in my down time which is why most of my posts consists of sewing projects and mental health posts, but I do like to eat and occasionally socialise and experience events when they pop up. I would like to keep up the social aspect and introduce you to my favourite spots in Edinburgh, and especially around Scotland, or places and events I visit as much as I can.

I’m also making a move towards switching to more cruelty-free, organic vegan-based products where possible, although because of my combination skin it’s a bit more difficult trying to find make up that stays on well. I’ll be posting more about vegan recipes as well as bath and beauty products as I come across them too.

Those are my main goals for 2016, but if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see happening on my blog, as always, drop me a comment/e-mail/tweet or message on Facebook and I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s to a great 2016 for everyone!

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