Blogger crafting afternoon with Laura Ashley

When you’re invited to a Laura Ashley craft event for bloggers, it’s quite hard to say no! Laura and Bernard Ashley started printing their own fabrics from their kitchen table in the 1950s and the rest, as they say, is history. The brand is now known for its craft and curtain fabrics, home accessories, clothing and furniture.

The brand recently branched into selling craft kits using designs from their own range. We, bloggers, were fortunate enough to be given a home decopapier and needle felting kit each to try our hand at craft projects at The Butterfly and the Pig on Bath Street in Glasgow.

Invited to help ourselves to a nice, warm cuppa or coffee, we all settled in our seats for a blether and warmed our fingers on fine china and a hot beverage. Soon, we were introduced to the craft kits in front of us with the help of the lovely ladies from The Crafty Hen.

We started with the decopapier kit which included small pots of glue, Laura Ashley design-printed decopapier and a small brush along with our requisite wooden shapes.

My choice of decopapier for the first project

I think découpage is one of those crafts that brings out the pefectionist (not so much the creative) side of me. I tend to want to make sure the edges are neat and no surface has any raised bumps. There were some seriously talented and creative bloggers around the table though as others made really pretty looking letters whom I envied their creative thinking on the spot.

My découpage letter H

Our combined blogger creativity

We only really had time to properly decorate one letter before we took our break. We couldn’t complain though when a delectable selection of cakes were on offer! I couldn’t help myself from choosing a non-dairy free option and went for the raspberry, poppy seed and marscapone cake.

I felt out of my depth when it came to the needle felting kit. There were quite a lot of rolls of wool to choose from and some things I really didn’t know what to do with at first.

Lucky for me, there were other more experienced bloggers in Karie from Karie Bookish and Jenny from Monkey and Mouse on hand to give me some pointers on how to use the tool that hid a lot of dangerously sharp, barbed needles! It took a couple of tries, but I think I eventually managed to get the hang of it and everyone was able to tell what I was making, given it was my first attempt at needle felting which I was quite pleased about.

Working on needle felting project #2

My wee fox!

The craft projects I managed to make that afternoon

I think needle felting takes some practice and has a knack to it. It’s not that easy, stopping fibres from pulling away when you start using the needles on the brush. Practice definitely makes perfect though and I had a good time trying out my hand at new craft skills I never would have really experienced otherwise.

You can also read more about the event on Laura Ashley’s official blog.

Once again, thank you to Laura Ashley, The Crafty Hen, Joe Blogs Network and The Butterfly and the Pig for a fantastic craft afternoon and for the two kits I’ll need to get myself back into finishing!

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