A touch of Scots to our Chinese-Scottish fusion wedding

Now that I’ve got more free time at the end of a work day, I’ve been working hard at getting the final details organised for our big day in September. Bridezilla has gone in hiding (for the moment) and the excited bride with the needle and thread has come out to play! A friend recently sent me the link to an article on Scottish wedding ideas and my ears perked up with interest.

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Source: Pinterest

We had already decided it would be a nice touch to use the clan tartan ribbon for the bouquets, boutonnieres and the cakes, but because it’s the Cunningham or Nicholson Ancient Hunting tartan, it was a bit of a rigmarole trying to hunt the right ribbon. I had a look around at possibly custom ordering some, but everywhere I looked priced 4m worth of digitally printed tartan ribbon at £90 or more! Luckily, I made a desperate final visit to the local fabric shop and managed to find a similar enough ribbon to pull it off (thank you, Cameron of Erracht!).

After reading some ideas from the article, I contacted Paulette from Bouquet by Rosa Loren about ordering custom shoe clips.

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My custom order tartan bow shoe clips made Bouquet by Rosa Loren! 🙂

Paulette was quite happy for me to provide her with the ribbon I wanted used for the clips. She’s really nice and has worked really hard to get me the tartan shoe clips quickly, all the way from Australia to Scotland. The whole process only took about 2 weeks, from me sending a custom order request to receiving the clips! To order your own pair of clips (available in satin, tartan or patent leather) or to see her range of wedding accessories available, have a look at her Etsy shop.

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Photo courtesy of Bouquet by Rosa Loren

I’ll post a photo of my glitter wedding shoes with the clips on soon!

Paulette also directed me to her Pinterest board and I really liked the idea of having a matching tartan stole to the OH’s kilt. I thought it would also be a bit of a special touch I could add to my wedding dress as well.

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Source: Just Another Starry Eyed Bride blog

Unfortunately everywhere I looked, stoles were going for £90 + P&P and none of the online shops had the OH’s clan Hunting tartan, even as a custom request. I finally managed to find one that had the correct tartan, but postage itself was £60 from Canada which meant the stole itself would come to £110! As with anything else, if you can’t buy it, DIY!

Instead of searching for a ready made stole, I started looking instead for the Cunningham/Nicholson Hunting Ancient tartan fabric. The Scotland Shop has a great range (500 clan tartans made from 100% wool where applicable, and woven in Scotland) at decent prices and the staff were also very helpful in helping me choose the right fabric and keeping me updated on the status of my order.

The 0.5 metre length of fabric is 1.4 metres wide which I felt would be the right length (and width) for a stole and only cost me £31.50. I’ll be back to the fabric shop later to look for lightweight lining for my stole (I’m thinking of using the matte side of satin lining if I can get a matching colour) and will only cost an additional few pounds. In comparison though, by making my own I’m spending approximately £35 as opposed to £90-110!

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10oz wool tartan fabric for my DIY stole

Tutorial for a DIY tartan stole will be posted soon!

Did you have a Scottish wedding or incorporated a Scottish theme or tartan ideas into your wedding? Please share any inspiration or photos!

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