All the ways I love you – a DIY project

Last week, I asked Lauren of blog By Lauren Hayley to write a guest blog post for me. Not only does Lauren fight her inner mental health battles, she also tries to help others suffering from similar issues and to try and raise awareness on the issue.

I do what I can in my job to support those with difficulties and/or disabilities, and through my blog encourage others to develop a more open view of what people are going through and to bring words of inspiration to others. I’ve taken a page out of Lauren’s book and made my own Valentine’s day present. It is another 5 days away after all, what better way to give the gift of love by giving them something simple and homemade?

75 Things I Love About You jar, By Lauren Hayley

One thing that the OH and I try to do every day is to make sure we don’t take each other for granted. Every day, we are to say at least one thing we love about the other. Whether you’ve been together for a week or even 5 and a half years like we have, there are bound to be little things (and big gestures) that really touch your heart and make you think to yourself, ‘That’s one of the reasons why I love you so’. There are so many moments you can capture in your time together and I’ve already prepared the perfect wedding present for my husband-to-be.

Dress up props at a friend’s birthday

At home selfie with Tigger in the midst of ice cream stealing

My cousin’s wedding

A day out in Anstruther

My friend’s wedding in Pakistan

In the meantime, once you’ve given each other all those reasons to remind each other of how much you love them, have you ever thought that those thoughts can be turned into a gift? Words can be given by speaking them, but as a reminder to a loved one, why not write them down so they can look at them whenever they need a reminder?

I didn’t want to quantify the amount of reasons why I love my OH. I wanted it to be open-ended like my Positivity Jar so I could top it up whenever something else he did made me go ‘awww’ inside.

All The Ways I Love You Jar

Coloured paper or note cards
Mason or storage jar

1. First, you need to decide on the size of jar you want. I went to Tesco and bought a medium sized storage jar for £3

2. I had coloured paper at home, but because I didn’t have any red paper, decided to use two different shades of pink instead

3. I wanted small sized cards, with enough space to write a message but not so big that my writing looked miniscule. I folded the A4 sheets into quarters, then quarters again.

4. When the sheet is unfolded, you should end up with 16 cards

5. Repeat this process until you’ve got a decent amount of coloured paper/card to write your messages and cut them to size

6. Now give some thought to all the reasons you can come up with why you love your significant other

7. Sometimes you need to put it aside and keep writing some more when you remember something else that makes you realise how much you care for your other half. I somehow managed to sit at the table for an hour and pretty much filled the entire jar! I’ve still got (as you can imagine) a decent sized stack of the two coloured cards, so I can always top it up later

8. Lastly, I added a label to the front of the jar and tied a piece of red ribbon to the jar for presentation purposes

I still need to get a card to go with his gift though, so will hopefully get that done during the week.

I mentioned this Valentine’s day project to my colleague and told her how great this is as a gift because you can tailor it to give to a family member, friend or a perfect stranger. You can even make it for yourself as a reminder of what’s loveable about you! It doesn’t even need to be written notes, you can even add memorabilia or photos that remind you of good times you’ve had together.

I would like to hear any innovative or personal gifts (bought or handmade) that you’ve given your significant other though!

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