DIY pet project: the kitty cube

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to try and work on more sewing before I start sewing my wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Instead of trying to finish off projects I’ve still got to fix or make, I’ve managed to get myself excited about another new project for the kitties instead. Can you guess what this is?

Cubby Cat Cube in Leopard print, AU$48.99 from Kellyville Pets

Any cat owner will tell you that you can spend a fortune on cat beds and you’ll most likely be guaranteed they’ll ignore it and just sleep at the end of your bed, the radiator bed, a blanket or even on the settee. I only ever bought one cat bed (a nice fluffy cat igloo) and Tigger never even touched it. Whenever we put him in it to get his scent in the bed, he would jump right out again and never use it. Nala used it a few times in the beginning, but now neither of them would use it.

The purpose of the cat cubes is mainly for comfort, but it’ll also be a fun bit of furniture for them to play in. I haven’t yet decided how I will outfit the cubes once they’re made, but I have to look around at fabrics to find ones that would suit both Tigger and Nala.

There are quite a few nice ones available to purchase, but it’s something I’d like to DIY after seeing this post on handmade pet gift ideas from Love Sewing magazine.

DIY Cat cube tutorial by Crafty Night Owls, as featured on Love Sewing magazine post

Here are some other cubes that are available for purchase and homemade DIY ones others have made.

Customised cat cube furniture, starting from US$345 from Viesso

DIY Catpanion Cube by Instructables

Comf-E-Cube by Ware for US$29.99, as reviewed by Meowness

Convertible cat cube by SmartyKat

DIY shag pile cat cube by Matthew Naylor of 13one6

I’ve got an idea of how I’m going to make my cat cubes and will post a tutorial of it once I’ve made them. I would welcome any suggestions and advice though from anyone who’s made their own! The only thing that baffles me at this point, before I’ve even started, is how you can turn the right sides around once you’ve sewn right round the circle opening?

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