All sweet things

A while back, I had posted about the great things that would have been perfect for unique gifts from House of Wonderland, I’m pleased that following their fundraising endeavour, there are now a lot more goodies on offer that really appeal to me, and I’m sure to a lot more people too!

The shop still has the same idea of selling kawaii and unique (as well as custom made) handmade jewellery, prints and designs, but the brand has now expanded beyond jewellery, nail art and beauty products to include stationery, prints and other unique products.

Recently, there was a flash sale for custom pet tags, so I decided to get a couple for Tigger and Nala to hang on their walking jackets as we decided it wasn’t safe for them to wear pet collars (there are too many horror stories of how cats have had their collars caught on door handles or their limbs caught in collars resulting in serious injuries and in some cases, death).

Tigger and Nala’s custom pet tags

Using my jewellery pliers, I opened up the jump ring so I could attach it to the D-ring on the back of their jackets. They’ve had their jackets with their tags on for quite a while, but I never really got the chance to photograph them with the tags on until we went on holiday to Dryburgh Abbey in Melrose.



I also came across some Happy range cushions from their shop. I’m normally not one to buy cutesy products for my room (I will buy small accessories that I can carry around in my bag, like my personalised Hello Kitty phone case), but there’s something about these cushions that I just had to buy them. The smiley faces on the biscuits are just too cute! It’s a great way to brighten up your mood when you need a pick me up at home!

My Happy Waffle and Sprinkles cushions

Now that my room has been thorougly cleaned during my time off, I can now proudly display them on my settee for everyone to admire. If you want to own these cutie cushions, you can purchase them from the House of Wonderland online store.

Happy Sprinkles cushion cover, £20 from House of Wonderland

Happy Waffle cushion cover, £20 from House of Wonderland

The above prices are for the cushion cover only (don’t forget they’re handmade!), but you can purchase the complementary cushion pad for £5 each from the store

If that wasn’t cute enough for you, how about getting a matching tote bag so you can carry around their sweet faces with you when you’re out and about?

Happy Sprinkles tote bag, £10 from House of Wonderland

Happy Waffle tote bag, £10 from House of Wonderland

Happy Burger tote bag, £10 from House of Wonderland

Happy Battenburg tote bag, £10 from House of Wonderland

Happy Watermelon tote bag, £10 from House of Wonderland

Have you purchased any of the tote bags or cushions? Which is your favourite Happy face?

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