Hillarys new House Beautiful collection

I’ve never posted about interior design or decorating before, only because I haven’t really been doing any DIY projects of my own where we’ve done any major projects re-decorating our flat. We hope to find a house to move into one day when we find the right one (the OH is looking for one in Edinburgh with either a double garage or enough space included on the property to build one). I’ve very much got an idea of how I’d like our home to look like, but for the moment it’s not time to do any work on our flat when we’re thinking of moving when the time is right.

It was recently brought to my attention that Hillarys, a blinds, curtains and shutters specialists, has collaborated with House Beautiful magazine to launch a new range of beautiful fabrics to grace the windows of your home with the House Beautiful collection.

All photos shown on this post except for photos with my watermark are courtesy and copyright of Hillarys. Photos of the range of fabrics are taken by myself of pages from one of the brochures supplied by Hillarys.

Curating items that take inspiration from different cultures is snowballing into a lifestyle trend. And this influence is evident in our House Beautiful collection of Roman blinds and curtains. The delightfully diverse fabrics reference historical patterns and heritage craft techniques. But don’t just take our word for it – have a look for yourself…

House Beautiful collection, Hillarys

Growing up, I’ve always held a fascination for the elaborate stitching on imperial palaces or homes of the aristocracy. I still like the baroque styles and floral patterns and can appreciate the intricacies on jacquard. The new House Beautiful collection has fabrics for curtains and blinds that will most certainly cater to different people’s styles. Inspired by different cultures and historical patterns, some of the fabrics are certainly calling my name!

The different ranges available are:

Portia – floral motifs inspired by wood blocking techniques as used in decorative architecture

Baroque – the combination of a subtle ombre effect with the traditional woven damask design

Celeste – the matte linen background allows the lustre of the embroidered hourglass design be the centre of attention

Lattice – the soft chenille contrasts nicely with the intricate small-scale geometric patterns

Lattice and Celeste cushions

Rodez – dating back to Roman Medieval time, the herringbone pattern is a timeless classic and bring depth and sophistication to the home

Opulence – linen fabric with a gorgeous lustrous sheen brings elegance to the room in 6 beautiful shades

I was lucky enough to have been given this beautiful Hillarys House Beautiful collection tote bag, made from Celeste Biscotti fabric.

I wasn’t too sure how a tote bag would work if it was made from the same fabric used on blinds and curtains, but I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t feel any different from any other tote bag you can get from high street stores. You really can’t see the beautiful lustre to the threads until you look at it up close.

GIVEAWAY: I’ve only got one bag to give away to a lucky reader! I’m really tempted to keep the tote bag for myself, but it really is a beautiful and unique bag and I want to make this a special giveaway to all of you loyal followers to my blog.

All you have to do is post a comment to this blog post to tell me what your favourite fabric is from Hillarys House Beautiful collection by midnight (GMT) Friday 24th October and I will announce the winner on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages so be sure to check my social network pages!

To book your free home appointment now by calling 0800 587 6475 or visit their website to request an appointment online.

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