Welcome to the sewing family, Brother!

Having used the trusty ol’ hand-me-down Singer sewing machine for the past year and a half that the OH was given more than 5 years ago, I’d recently taken the plunge and bought a brand, spankin’ new sewing machine. I saw a deal come up on Groupon and after much hemming and hawing, decided to go for it. The deal had come up previously, but I was quite content with the trusty Singer we’ve been using for many years.

The temptation of not having to sew button holes by hand and being able to sew more than just a straight stitch was too big to resist any longer. Especially when the OH’s mum gave me some money to buy a new one. The impatient wait has finally come to an end, the box was sitting waiting patiently for me when I came through the front door after work!

The cats were more interested in the box than the actual sewing machine unfortunately despite my enthusiastic exclamations of excitement. The Brother LS17 sewing machine retails for £169.99 and I managed to get it for just £89!

Brother LS17. Source: eBeez

This Brother includes:

•17 automatic stitches
•38 Functions (including the option for quilting!)
•Traditional aluminium chassis
•Sewing Light (LED)
•4-step buttonhole
•Twin needle capability
•Drop-in bobbin
•Automatic bobbin winding
•Instructional DVD, and
•comes with a 3 year guarantee

The 17 automatic stitches as displayed on the packaging

I’m not fussy about choosing a really spectacular machine that is able to do lots of fancy stitches, my main pet peeve was having to previously stitch button holes by hand because the zig zag stitch function on the Singer wasn’t really working that well. I really just wanted a simple and easy to use machine that offers me a decent range of stitches and is reliable enough not to fall apart with regular use.

The thing that really sold me to this machine though was the twin needle capability. The OH has been looking at £250+ industrial sewing machines (believe me, these are massive table units that we have no room for!) just so he could have a twin stitch function to work on upholstery for his classic car projects. It looks like a win-win situation for both of us without breaking the bank then!

Getting settled on the new workspace

I haven’t yet had a chance to try out the new member to the sewing family, but I’m hopeful that we’ll get along swimmingly! I’ve read various forums for reviews and opinions on this bad boy and it’s been quite glowing, so will be excited to finally try it out soon! If all goes well, this new machine will be used for making the wedding and bridesmaid dresses for the wedding next year!

Have you got the Brother LS17? What are your thoughts about it? Do you have a preferred brand of sewing machines for your needs?

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the sewing family, Brother!

    1. Thanks, Ruthie! Not sure, what’s the J foot? There’s a plastic foot in a baggie with the extra bobbins but I’ve not looked at it in depth yet. Definitely looking forward to getting the machine to do the button holes instead of me sewing them myself!

      1. Thanks for that site! Just had a look again and I’ve not got a better idea of what I got with my machine. So looks like in addition to the standard zigzag foot, I was also given several spare bobbins, a packet of needles the walking and buttonhole feet as well. Hope that helps 🙂

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